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Can I get Pregnant being on the Pill & taking an antibio


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In a word - yep - a lot of antibiotics lower the effectiveness of BC pills, when you're taking them together, you should use something else as well to be safe.


"There are several reasons why the Pill can fail, or be less effective. Some medication prescribed by your doctor can have some adverse effects on the pill. Some known medications that can actually lessen the Pill's effectiveness are certain antibiotics (such as Zithromax for example), anti-inflammatory drugs, barbiturates, and epilepsy drugs (such as Dilantin). Make sure to tell your doctor which Pill you are currently taking, so that he or she may tell you if you will need to use another method until your treatment is completed."


Taken from a pill facts site

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using antibiotics while on the pill can reduce the effectiveness of the pill. I talked to a couple docs about this and they've told me its a crap shoot. Most of the time antibiotics will not affect birth control. BUT there have been some instances where effectiveness has decreased.


So can antibiotics affect your birth control? Yes antibiotics can decrease the efficacy of your birth control.


Will you get pregnant if you have sex while on BC and antibiotics? Probably not, but do you want to take the risk?


The factors that change the results are unknown at this time.

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im not a doctor or anything but I was told by a doctor from experience, if you take antibiotics they do effect the contraceptive pill. Not sure if thats all types of antibiotics effecting all types of the pill but i would play it safe anyway and use other protection as well.

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