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I need help with a girl! How I can ask her out?

Cardiac Kid

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My name is Andrew. I am in 7th Grade. There is this girl that I really like named Ellizabeth. I am pretty sure she is interested in me but I don't know how to find out. In the classes I have with her she sits next to me, and I find it hard to make eye contact. I want to just talk to her and get to know her for a while one day and don't know what to do. There is a school dance next week, and I want to take her to it. I think I should ask her. I just want some advice to find out how I can ask her out. Can someone help me?

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This is an easy one, I think. Just ask her to the dance.


I suggest picking a time and place in your mind to walk up to her and ask her. Practice in your head a few times just so you know how you're going to ask her.


How about this (this worked for me).. while you are both outside, maybe during an outdoor class or lunch, walk up to her and ask her if she has a second to talk.. (so you aren't asking her in front of her friends), then walk a few steps where you both are away from overhearing ears, then...... "Would you like to go to the dance with me on Saturday?" Keep it simple and sweet with honesty.


Just remember, even if she says "no", that doesn't mean she doesn't like you. Believe me, in 7th grade, you'll know if she doesn't like you.

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