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Called again.....please reply


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HI, im writing about Steven again. A little bit of backround : I threw him my number out the car window. He called me all night and we talk. This was over 3 weeks or so ago.


Well i called him last wednesday and asked him if he wanted to do sumthin last Friday night. He said sure and asked for my number and told me he woujld call me. ( I didnt offer him my number, he asked for it, and then he made she he had the right number and stuff ) Well i took the day off from work on Friday and i got myselfd all ready and siked up. But he never called me so we never went out. So i called monday and tuesday afternoon, and FINALLY i got in touch iwth him today.


I acted like i forgot we were goin out....so it looked like i had an awesome night without him and that it didnt bother me that he didnt call. He said that it was ok font worry about it. I said well we can do sumthin this weekend instead and i said i would call him friday.


What do u think about this. If he didnt like me or w/e would he just come out and say leave me alone? Or does he really like me? Because if u read my past posts about him i thought he lieks me. I dunno but i really need help. Ne advice . Thanks guys

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i havent read ur last post so i may not be up-to-date. maybe hes shy, or more possibly it sounds like he maybe leading you on, or playing games. if he was really interested then he would have met u on the friday no matter what else was happening. anyways, apart from the night he got ur number, uv been the only one makin contact with him? back off a bit, let him come to you. if i were in his position u wud come accross as being clingy or desperate, which u dont sound like so show that to him. does his body language show u anything posotive when u are with him? next time watch it. does he really like u or leading u on or just hoping to use u?

hope i put light on your situation. good luck!

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