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Desperate to save my sister...


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I don't really know where to start...

My sister is 30 years old, almost 6 feet tall and weighs about 96 pounds (it is like looking at a walking skeleton) She's a divorced mother of 2 great young boys and has been with her current boyfriend for about 7 years. I am 26 and worried to death that she is going to end up dead...Her boyfriend is VERY abusive, Physically and Emotionally and they both do drugs. I don't really know what kind of drugs but I believe it is pot and cocaine, maybe more.

My Parents and I have tried to help my sister the numerous times she has left her boyfriend and moved in with my parents but she always goes back to him and leaves alot of broken hearts behind. This past Sunday (2 days ago) She called my mom from N.C. and said that she needed her to go pick up her boys because she was afraid that her boyfriend may hurt them and of course we drove the 2 hours to get them and when we got there they were fine. She is very dramatic and blows up everything she is also a liar....Which makes it hard to believe anything she tells us. To make a long story short I finally found out that my sister is stripping and who knows what else to make money and that her boyfriend hasn't worked in a very long time. Friends of my sister will not give me any more information about what my sister is doing except that she could get hurt or killed doing what she is doing (other than the stripping) and I don't understand how they can tell me they care so much about her yet they won't tell me what is going on so I can help her.

No matter how many times we have called the department of childrens and families to help the children they never take them... My sister has now shown up at my parents house stating that she has an apartment setup and will be taking the children with her to her new apartment to try to start over without her boyfriend. But I know she will go back to him. She always does, and I wish I could believe her, but it is hard after all she has put us through.

She and her boyfriend have no choice but to move out of their house because it is being foreclosed on today and they have to be out by tomorrow. She says he will be living in a differnt state with his dad and she will be living in Daytona with a friend in their new apartment.

My parents really want to try to keep the children so they can have a stable home and food on the table evry night, yet as grandparents they have no legal rights which makes it very hard.

No matter how much my sister puts me through and no matter how much I hate her for what she is doing to herself and her innocent children I care and love my sister but no matter what I do to try to help her or reach her I can't no-one can.

There is alot more to this story, but way to lenghty to continue...


If anyone has any advice, please help.

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Hi Fritz,

I think that you and your parents should have a sort of meeting with your sister so that you, all can talk about this problem, coz I think that these children might be suffering in a way and the fact that your sister's boyfriend is not their father he will not care about the fact that these children are suffering.

You being an adult you also should try to bring your sister somewhere and talk to her about the facts of his bf coz I think that she is going in the wrong way!

Think that you lack family contacts!

Hope I was able to help you



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That's the problem, we can't connect with her, we have had several family talks and I have sat down and talked to her many times alone, the thing about it is, she will tell us what we want to hear...Then do the exact opposite....She'll say she is never going to go back to him...never taking the children back and so on, then she always goes back..I just don't want her to go back again and I hope maybe this time she has seen that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

She is with my parents now and the boys are now enrolled in school and for now the outlook is good but who knows what the future holds....

Thanks for the advice....


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Hi again!

Maybe there's something going wrong about your sister's relationship with that guy!

I think that your sister is afraid to break up really with that guy and I think you should why!

Talk to your sister about the children! Ask her why she gives birth to these two innocents!

Ask her if she care about the future of her children!

Most of the children suffering from these family cases usually go in the wrong way!

Hope I was able to help you,

Take care


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