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Could this ever work?

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Well im in a long distant relationship at the moment and it has been going on for 7months now I too love my guy more the anything, and he loves me back. But it SO hard I cant explain, sometimes even tho we chat everyday,i think to my self is it worth all the pain of being apart, when we were just mates it did not bother me as much but when you in a relationship its like your heart automatically expects you to be with him.


I would change things if I could but now but im stuck.


So think hard ya.

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What is it that you dont trust yourself about? need a little more detail there.


As for distance, doesnt seem that far to me, as long as you have plans on being together someday, its very do-able. whats that 4 hour drive? not easy but not cross country either.


Its funny how not many years ago, people maintained relationships through messengers and letters, sometimes taking months for one message to arrive, and now with instant communication and fast transportation, 4 hours is considered a relationship breaker.


I am currently interested in a woman that lives about 1000 miles from me, Im driving to meet her in a couple of weeks. if we hit it off real well, id consider relocating to be near her if need be (of course id need to be certain we are for one another) . thats what I do for love. but then again, I dont expect everyone will put that much effort into a romance. To me, being with someone I love and who also loves me is one of my priorities in life.


Long distant relationships that go on for long time periods are difficult to keep going, and do not recommend being in one. If you both really love each other then someone is going to have to move, it just boils down to, whats more important to you. the thing that keeps you anchored to your current location, or the person that you love.

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I reckon long distance relationships are a royal pain in the ass (ok sorry sorry, no offence intended).


And to be quite honest, I am in a way in one. It takes me 3 hours to get from my house to my gf's house and we don't see each other at work or school etc etc. We both love each other and trust each other. Just block out all the negative thoughts in your head and everytime you wanna chat up some guy, remember your own guy.


I think it might be just you worrying to much, but that's my opinion.


Happy Heb

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Sorry hun but don’t get in it unless you have to , they are a real pain (I was in one she lived 2500miles away) it dosent matter how much is the distance 10 miles or 20000 miles distance is distance and no seeing him wont make it shorter ..it only makes it worse


I had a terrible break up but glad it happened , I was almost living a nightmare thanks to the distance (not her shes lovely)


G luck


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well...im not too sure myself....i just dont want to make a mess of things... i know it would work if we were together but i know if we wernt together everyday..... it would hurt me too much.... it hurts me now.... if im not talking to him... through txt's....internet.... or on the phone to him....we talk constantly.... and we have so much in common.... it hurts me to think about all of this.... i know i want to be with him.... but i dont know whats stoping me..... there is something but i dont know what it is help!!!!! please xxx

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Look sweets the thing is its pure bad luck ;


Just take it for that , keep him around talk to him but don’t build ur expectations


Plan vacations and other trips together , just don’t go overboard with emotions keep it real ;


Tell him I like u , just as u like me ..but this is the problem so how are we going to deal with it ..you both have to make a effort


That’s the only way


Take care

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