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How do I ask her out?

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Hello all, I recently went to a camp on the weekend with a bunch of other people. I met a girl there and I could sense she was interested in me. She would ask me to sit beside her, when we would hike, she would slow down or speed up so that she was walking beside me even if we never talked much while walking. At night she would sit beside me and put her legs on mine or inch her feet closer to mine so that they were touching and she was always CONSTANTLY looking at me.

Well anyways, I asked for her email (because I find it much harder to ask for a phone number) and now I do not know what to do. She lives two hours away in the city where my Mom lives. She hasn't been on MSN or anything yet so I havent had a chance to talk to her since the camp. My problem is, how should I go about emailing her and asking her out? What should I write, what should I ask her to do, etc. I am 16 by the way and I do not have my driver's license yet, so I wouldn't be able to drive and pick her up. Hopefully I didn't forget anything and thanks for reading this and for any advice you guys may give me!

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It would have been easy at the camp at night when u were together and she was naxt to you u should have lent over and kissed her



if she was doing as u said then she aint gonna reject you

so stop worring i was worried like u with a girl i knew one day i built up the curage to tell her at my birthday party we have been together since

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