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various problems

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2 things.

1. can anyone tell me any good excersizes that'll help me build my biceps and chest muscles WITHOUT the use of weights.


2. im really really really really lonely and never had a date in my life can somebody please help me out. im really shy as well. also please dont say any bs like "it'll all happen in time" or "you have to go out and talk to them" i ALREADY KNOW THAT!!! i want to hear some actual ADVICE please. sorry for being pushy but its the only way i can ever get answers. thanks

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Hey Buddy,


Try push-ups, dips, chip-ups (for back and shoulders), curling almost anything will help biceps. I'm just curious...how come no weights? There are plenty of things to do to build muscle without weights but you will be more "cut up" than "bulked up" without weights. The internet has plenty of good info for muscle building and exercise. Try a book store too. As far as the dates...females like a confident man...you need to be confident even in the face of defeat...You also have to love youself (you have to be happy with yourself). You have to play the odds too...you may ask out 10 girls and only 1 says yes...so then you know the odds and don't get disapointed if a few say no...Good luck!

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Here are your answers!



1) In order to build a BIG chest and bicepts... you need to know that push-ups alone won't do it. Pushups will give you solid tone, but not much size.

If you don't have weights, you need to increase the pressure of your pushups. That means, put your feet up on a chair to increase the amount of body weight putting pressure on your arms. That will get you pretty far to the point it will be noticeable when wearing a t-shirt.



2) As you know it isn't JUST GONNA HAPPEN. You need to do the following:


a- find a SPECIFIC girl you want to ask out! The more challenging the better, not some lame boring girl.. but someone who gets your BLOOD PUMPING.. SOMEONE WHO SEEMS LIKE SHE'S GOT IT GOING ON!!


If you aren't willing to do step A.. forget the pushups.. nothing will matter if you can't step up to the plate.


b- You need to then scout her out. Find out what she likes and what she doesn't.


c- You need to ask her out regardless of what people say. If they say, SHE'S NOT INTERESTED IN YOU. SHE'S TOO GOOD FOR YOU. Don't believe them!! You need to ask her out yourself.


Once you've done that, even if you get shot down. You've now done 3 great things:


1) All the girls know you are a guy who is willing to date. Other girls will make it known to you that they are interested.


2) You now have excercised your dating brain muscles!!! You have confidence that asking a girl out doesn't kill you!!!


3) Everyone knows you are a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it.


That's respectable stuff!!!

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