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Ex wont stop calling

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My ex told me that he didnt want to be with me anymore and that he was turning the page in his life. He is now living with another woman, but calls me everytime she dots the door. I told him to stop calling and he wont. Now I hang up in his face when he calls. What does it mean when someone doesnt want you but still calls? That is just so mean to me.

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Hey it sounds like it might be time to change your phone number. This guy sounds like my ex. She kept me thinking that we had a chance till I found out that there was another man involved. Change the number because it is not fair to you and you need your space to move on. I am sorry that he is being like this to you. He sounds like an immature jerk who needs a good swift kick in the butt.



Don't take that crap from anyone because you deserve better!



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First, Tell your ex that he made his choice and must now live with it and that you will not let him continue to harass you further.

Second, Tell him that you will be changing your number.

Third, Change it to an unlisted private number and let the phone company know that you and only you will make any further changes by coming to their office directly and not over the phone. This way he will not be able to get your number by having any female call up and pretend she is you and that you forgot you new phone number. That has happened.

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I think your ex wants something from you...thats what usually happens when they suddenly keep on calling you after they break up with you. I say tell him straight up that you don't want to hear from him again and if he keeps on calling you that you will tell his current gf that he's been in touch with you. If all fails, call your local telephone company and have his number blocked.

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