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I am really confused when it comes to me and my long distance bf. I have so many mixed emotions towards him and sometimes I just feel like giving up but I dont know if thats the right thing to do. He tells me that he was about to give up everything but then he met me and he felt like there was a reason to live and he tells me he loves me every second.

I feel bad 4 doing this but I made pros and cons about him...let me know what u think! ...Thanks!





-no one loves me like he does


-when I'm with him I dont even realize anything is going on around me


-amazing kisser


-amazing lover












-cant stop thinking about him or the next time im gonna c him




-lives 5 hrs away


-worst fashion sense


-way too full of himself


-only thinks about himself sometimes


-sometimes i find that i think of him as a brother and nothing else


-sometimes immature


-doesnt use common sense


-bad past scared he'll do to me what he's done to his other girls--cheat


-checks out girls right in front of me


-will only go outside with me when I look good

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ok, ummm...no ofense to you, but this guy kind of sounds like a jerk & is selfish... he won't go out in public with you if you don't look good?!?! thats got to feel good...(sarcasm...) from your cons of him, it seems like he probably would cheat on you if he got a chance (not to make you worried). thats so wrong for him to check out girls right in front of you. its good that there are some good things about him, but the bad things about him are really bad. he should make you feel like you are the number one girl in his life & that he loves you no matter what, even if you do have some "ugly" days (we all have them). i think that this guy needs to work on some things. you should have a talk with him & let him know how it makes you feel when he checks out other girls in front of you & stuff. if he doesn't care about what you have to say, then i think you need to find yourself a better guy. there are guys out there would think of their gf as #1 & not care if some days she doesn't look so hot.

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As a nice guy who has been single all of his life, I get really frustrated hearing stories like this. With cons like those, who needs pros. Why the hell would you even give a this situation a second thought? And you're willing to stick with him long distance taboot!!? I'll never understand why guys like this even get girls in the first place. Sorry, no sympathy here.

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You said, "He tells me that he was about to give up everything but then he met me and he felt like there was a reason to live."


This guy needs to work on himself. He isn't fully developed yet. He sounds insecure. I can't tell you to stay or leave, not sure, but I do know that the statement above from him is self-centered.

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Hey Destiny2009,


I have one thing to say. Run and Run now. This guy is a creep and you deserve better. I can't imagine anyone treating anyone like the way he does. I can only say that just because he loves you is not a reason to say. You are having doubts now and I think that you should follow your emotions because a womans intuition is usually right. Be careful because you are already suspecting him.



If I were you I would leave this relationship now and find someone who will treat you like you should be...a lady.


There is a sole mate for everyone out there and you haven't found him yet.


Good luck.



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The bads outweight the goods here. Im sorry. You need to lost this guy. That is all I can say. Move on and find someone else. This guy seems like trouble to me. If you have to wonder if hes cheating and so on then you really need to let go. Love yourself more.

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I don't think destiny9 needs to love herself more, I don't think she feels put-down by this guy. She liked him and still cares for his well being after all. And I don't think this guy needs to be judged in such a way.


OK, I read the list but I'm not going to go there because you already know what you want. Does making a list make you feel any better about it? No. So why tear yourself up over something so simple? It just makes it harder.


At this point you are concerned over how he's going to take it. Thats not your problem. Look, I've been that guy before and let me tell you what; He's got to figure out that there is more to being a guy then the girl he's with. Great guys all have another drive/purpose that keeps them strong and yeah we might still find girls that we "love every second" but there is a diffrence.


This is my opinion: As awesome/caring as you as you might sound, you still can't fix everything.



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