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Talked about Sex What should i do?


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Im probably not the only one out there who is dealing with this question of wheather it is the right time, or if it is right as all...


Well here goes... my girlfriend and I have talked about sex and she wants to have it but i only have told her that i would if it was a mutual agreement and that we both thought it was the right time.. but now im having second thoughts.. i dont know if it would be the best for the relationship or even good for us two.. and another thing is i am worried about what if i hurt her while doing it or what if it isnt good... what should i do?

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I Feel That If You Are Having Second Thoughts Then you're Probably Not Ready To Have Sex, and If You Have Even The Smallest Doubt In your Mind That It'll Be Bad For The Relationship or For You Two In General Then Dont Do It.. Wait Til YoU Have a Clear mind and Both of You Can Honestly Say That You Are Ready To Make Such a Commitment(sp?)


~ Angel ~

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Hi there


I totally agree with angel_n_chainz on this one. Its true for you to even have this post on here you clearly are not ready. Just tell your gal that you need time cos f your above comment. She will understand. If you can talk about sex then you can talk about this, if she was not ready im sure she would have told you, and you would have respected her decision right, so speak to her. Or if its not that easy then just say you want it to be perfect and waiting for the right time ya.


About hurting her, take it slow at a easy pace and you guys will be fine. Ya it will hurt her but it always does the first time. It's normal.

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i agree with the others: if you're having doubts about it, then wait. oh, if your gf is still a virgin, it's painful for a girls first time, but how much it differs from person to person. just don't worry so much, talk to her, and dont do anything you're not 105% sure u want to do.



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