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should i forgive?


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me and my g/f have been going out for 7 months now. just a few days ago she went out to a party. even though i had a premonition kinda thing and mde her promise that nothing would happen, she got pissed. she ended up in a toilet with another girl, which of whom had already caused problems with me in the past and my g/f knew i h8ted, and asked to kiss her. they did and then moved into a cubicle and got very intimate.

she tells me it was because she was drunk, but if she was that drunk would she remember?

she also told me she got nothing out of it, but upon talking to the other member involved i found she had, though wont admit to it.

should i forgive her?

i want to because we have been going for so long, i want to keep it, and i do still love her. but now she has continually broke my trust but promises this is the last time.

what should i do?

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Forgive her , give her a last chance the fact that she was atleast honest and realizes that this is the last time she will break your trust, I would honestly forgive her but punish her at the same time in whatever way you think that it would tell her that don’t Break my trust , but I would forgive her ..appreciate the honesty. She knows she is wrong that’s why she told u cause she loves you

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You said she "continually" breaks your trust. You know the answer, it's time to move on. You deserve better.


Here is what will happen. As soon as you leave her, she will beg for you back. You know why? Because FINALLY she will be respecting you as someone who stands up for himself.


The Catch-22, if you take her back, she won't respect you anymore.


Time to move on. It is as simple as that. Never, put up with that again. The fact is, a true girlfriend will feel like a FRIEND. Someone you can trust, put your arm around, and laugh with. Doesn't sound like there is much laughter going on in your life right now.

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Hey routerx life aint all laughin mate ;


You don’t laugh ur way to the grave u learn to live and forgive , besides every relationship goes through a tough time , no one is perfect and shouldn’t be I mean that would be scary and weird.


So haha boyo but life aint like that , u have to learn to live with the hardships before u enjpy the good times


Forgive her man , give her a break ! she loves u and u love her get on with it


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