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Beautiful women aren't very nice?

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Seems fairly true to me, alot of beautiful women wouldn't even give you the time of the day (there are exceptions, of course) or seem very disinterested in average guys.


Because beautiful women know that most of the guys want them so they don't have to put as much into being "liked", while a less physically attractive girl has to put more into her personalitly because she hasn't got the looks to fall back on.


Then there are the rare types of women who both very beautiful and yet very nice, a rare find though. Anyone else have the same opinion or a different opinion?

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I agree with you, there are some beautiful women who know that they can get any that they want and like you said they don't need to put much effort into being wanted and yes out of experience I'm met some really B*^$% hot girls, quite conceited and not worth my time.



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Think of it this way. It's not the looks, perhaps its just the person. Maybe she's bitchy or acts "tough" because she is insecure...?!?!?!? Also you can use the fact she's hot to your advantage. Since she's hot, she's used to men OVER-ooogling her when they talk to her. Don't worry about looks...approach her with the attitude that she's in YOUR world now. Don't be an ass, but be very confident. If she blows you off, wutever, ask her if she has any hot friends. lol

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In general its basically true, especially young girls, they are under peer pressure to land that popular good looking guy or jock.


Through social feedback they know they can open doors with just a smile.


Guess what though? it bites them later, cause just so happens that most of those popular guys are just as superficial as they are, and end up hurting them.


Over time, these girls learn the hard way, that immpressing their friends and looks arent as important as personality when it comes to happiness.

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Im sorry but i find it quite disturbing that so many people seem to think that just because you are pretty that automatically makes you not nice?? I think that is a ridiculous GENERALISATION. It is not the looks that make someone a horrible person,it is there character.The same way that some ugly people can be nasty!! If someone with good looks CHOOSES to use that to their advantage and walk over people that has nothing to do with the fact that they are good looking.Its that they are shallow and nasty enough to want to do that to somebody.


I have been told that i am good looking by my bf and friends,and i CERTAINLY do not try to get things i want using my looks, and anyway,whos to say that im not ugly?Thats a matter of opinion and we all have our own tastes.I dont believe that ANYBODY is universally good looking.I am intelligent,and use my brains to get me places and to attract people.


I respect everyones opinions but it just seems a bit contradictory to me,you seem to be judging people because they look good and not on their character,but yet you dont expect them to do the same for you.

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buffalosoldier, no I don't just assume because they're beautiful they're not nice. I have talked with lots of these beautiful women and the majority of them aren't the nicest people, of course I've met beautiful women who are nice though, not many, but there are some.


Also I have talked with alot of less attractive girls and the MAJORITY of them are nice. Again there are a few ugly girls that are not nice too, you see what I'm getting at here......

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thats simply because they know they are beutiful and the believe that they are infact gods gift to the world and that clouds their reality and such so just blow them off and get what you want i mean they are nice to look at but hang out with a hottie for a day and you wish a firey death upon them thats all i think ..... lol bye bye 0X 0X

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Buffalosoldier you gotta take it from us guys that know from experience what we are talking about.


Really pretty girls for the most part, dont have the best personalities in the world, because it wasnt very necesary for them to have one to get what they wanted.


I am an average looking guy, when I was in school, if I was to walk up to "miss popular" (being popular because she was hot of course) she would give me a look like i was something her dog did on her floor. of course if I walkied to some average looking girl, they were fun, and you could talk to them.


The stereotype is true. not for 100% of the pretty girls, some really are down to earth and not self centered. and even have pleasent personalities, but they are few.


Its all part of social conditioning, from the day they are born, they are treated like little princesses, the boys go out of their way to attend to them, the girls envy them and become little groupies. its not her fault really, and in a way I feel sorry for them. because they usually get hurt more in relationships later on the guys that date them are with them for their looks and bodies, they are also similar to them because they are usually only attracted to guys that meet their friends expectations, you think miss popularity is going to be seen dead dating mister Average Joe? no way, she has a rep to maintain, what would her groupies say?. so they are shallow, and they go out with shallow guys and well, they get hurt.


Over time they learn that looks only goes so far in this world, and eventually they learn the hard way. at least most of them do.

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Perfectly fine i just dont think its the case with as many girls as you are making out.


But i also know what i am talking about,i dont think its fair that this prejudice is obviously what people are using nowadays.I am pretty,and i will talk to anybody,to be honest i think its totally unfiar to dismiss someone because of their looks,im simply not that sort of girl.I am with a pretty average looking guy,but he is absolutely gorgeous to me and i dont care what anybody else thinks.And yes,i know how i could use my looks to get what i want,even women that are not so fortunate looking know how to do that-most men will sh*g anything.-but im not going to coz i would rather that my intelligence shone through rather than have some perve staring at things other than what they should be.


So many guys seem to think that coz you are pretty that you are dumb and will jump inot the sack with them.-i know this is not the issue,sorry.


I guess im just wishing that people didnt think this way coz it stops genuine people like me having a hope in hell of people taking me seriously when we are all lobbed into the same category.


Thanks for discussing this,its really bought me some insight.Finally i would like to say that i have been in relationships where the guys have only been with me for the lust side of things,but through no fault of mine!!how can you help the way you look?

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I dont believe all great looking girls are like that, how they are brought up has a lot to do with how they will be.


there is one more factor that makes life difficult for really attractive girls/women. and thats that their boyfriends have to deal with guys hitting on them all the time. its a hassle. I mean if the guy things of you as a "prize" then he wants to show you off, but then he is treating you like a piece of property. and the ones that arent like that are stressed buy all the guys making passes at you, etc.


And as this wasnt enough, if your a very attractive girl, men can also feel intimidated. and can have lack of confidence etc.


So yeah, an extremly attractive girl doesnt necessarly have it easy, they attract a lot of guys that are really not interested in her thoughts or heart, but how good she will look standing beside them.

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of course its true, the majority of really hot women are mean, cuz they know they're da sh!t. It will always be like this, you gotta be hot too to get with em, or how often did you see a fugly guy with a hot chick? Its sad but its the truth, dont let others tell you otherwise.

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Thanks Gilgamesh,i understand what you mean now.


tomekk,NO IT IS NOT TRUE!!!! i actually see plenty of not so good looking guys with pretty girls,coz alot of them arent actually as shallow as you make them out to be,thats why i always hear people saying 'what the hell is she doing with him' when they see a couple like that.-It makes me cringe that so many people hold these prejudices!!


You just havent been lucky enough to meet a girl with a bit of both


And Gilgamesh i agree about the pretty girls having it a bit hard.Sometimes i wonder whether you would be more unhappy being ugly and never having people hit on you,but eventually find a man that will love you for you,or whether you would be worse off being pretty and having to go through all these egotistical men before 'maybe' finding a genuine one.Know what i mean?

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it's not the looks, it's how they were raised. I know a really nice girl, who has dignity, the brains, and the common sense to know that (since she's also goodlooking), 90% of the guys talking to her is just interested in what beneath the clothes (and the face of course). it's the matter of trial and error. after being harassed a couple of times, they just start to build up a defensive wall. So unless you approach her from a formal, not-on-looks-based manner, she'll treat you like a friend too (but you dun wanna be friends do you, you want more )


OF course, there are real b*tches who think that things are settled in their best interested with a wink of their superduperpurty eye. But that's environment n all, those poor babies can't help a thing

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Because beautiful women know that most of the guys want them so they don't have to put as much into being "liked", while a less physically attractive girl has to put more into her personalitly because she hasn't got the looks to fall back on.


but isn't beauty ultimately just subjective? my ex-boyfriend would think of me as a 9 while others would say they have no attraction to me at all. I'm sure thats the way it works in all cases. regardless of beauty, people as a whole need to work on their personality, brains, and likeableness, if not for themselves then just to be noticed in this world. no one has looks to fall back on because we all know we get older and appearances fade.so no, i believe an arrogant woman is arrogant because of the way she allowed herself to become, not because of her appearance.


after all, don't we value ourselves on more than just our looks?

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Blah blah blah!


The real problem is that folks CARE about these things.


We all get old wrinkly and soon-enough none of this stuff matters. The 'hottest' woman or guy is gonna one day be a loser in the little game of looks.

For those that believe they are only their shell: man, they're really gonna suffer later on.


'Hot' is so relative and ...

'Nice' is so relative and ...


It all depends what you are looking for.


'super-hot' people eventually tend to go for 'nice,cute' ones bc of the stability and such they seem to provide.

I'm a pretty woman - but will never be considered by our soceity as a SuperModel sort.


I generally agree with the observations of Gilgamesh.

And it works both ways - - super hot men can fall in that same trap (even worse in ways bc its their penis doing the deciding)

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what everyone is saying seems to be getting at the point...

Pretty people (and I will discuss pretty girls because I can only relate to this situation) tend to have had things 'easier' for them in the attraction aspect of life...(not all but most)...

now this does not necessarily mean that they had successful relationships, if anything their relationship could have passed the superficial point and all the ugliness of the individuals (character and inner person) and lead to more heartbreak.


For my situation at least, I'm well known around school, which i guess has helped with this whole "social status" (which I still think is sooo stoopid about highschool) but besides the point, I have befriended very attractive girls (one in particular) who is so beautiful but still maintains a positive, friendly, caring image that I know is genuine. These "rare' girls are something else and I hate it when I see 'superficial' guys trying to hit on them too, not because of jealousy necessarily (that's the least of it), it's the fact that these guys treat these girls like s**T and that's when it becomes a problem (and this is where most "average" guys come in and start the complaining).


My advice, get to know these girls, show them that you have personality and something to offer them in a relationship, show them that you actually care for them and that it's not just a process to get into their panties. It's the little actions of caring that go a long way, a simple smile does wonders, trust...


hmmm my minds racing about this topic now, if i can think of stuff that i wanted to say, i'll be back

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This reminds me of something, I overheard two older ladies talking about a couple, the ladies were in their late 50s I think, and the one lady says "she is so beatiful, why is she wasting her life with that guy"


It was a very pretty woman that was with an average looking guy with an average job, and they were pretty judgemental that she 'deserved' better just based on her looks.

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hmm.... i remember my ex used to say that most prettier girls had the thinking that any guy could fall for them and they usually went for the guys who looked good but then quickly realised that they also needed someone to care for them too.


That holds true for some good looking guys also.

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