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Kissing length and styles?

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Me and my good friend have been seeing eachother for a couple weeks and have been kissing (Open mouthed, no tongue)


My question is this: How do I move into kissing with tongue? I'm uber-confused


My other question is this: We only kiss for about 10-15 seconds, what is the avervege open mouthed kiss length?


Thanks for your help




ChiCKen BOCK boCK Bock phhhht CHICKEN!

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I'm not very experienced in the kissing area, but it seems to me the easiest way would be to ask your kissing partner for advice, not us Just after one kiss, ask if you want to try tongue. If your good friend doesn't know how either, you are in the same boat and all mistakes are null! Otherwise they'll teach you


For length, its all about personal preference. I'm sure tons of people would love to have an hour long make-out session, but others might be worried about chapped lips after only 5 seconds

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Well as for when to do what while you're kissing its kinda just you have to go with the flow. I have kissed a pretty good amount of girls (not bragging, i'm just bad with relationships and good with hooking up, which is no good). When you're just learning you kinda have to react to whats going on. I liken it to the same phrase I use when I'm writing a paper 'Analyze and interpret'. As for slippin the tongue in there, I suppose you would have to be kissing for more than fifteen seconds. You would have to be in a full out make out session. I don't get when people worry about chapped lips and whatever. I kissed a girl for a good hour and a half once and I got nothing but pure enjoyment out of it.

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Hey gang,


I definitely agree with the past reply, and I also think you two would know when it's time to try the tongue. I'm not bragging either, but I'm 21 and I have kissed my share of women. Personality, I like my french kissing just like how I like my pepper, to much is a bad thing. I would just go with it, and after making out with her for longer than 15 seconds, try to make your move. Don't try to over do it off the git go, but you would be able to tell by her reaction what she thinks. Good luck!!!


Best regards,




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