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This GUY, we're friends, I think but Im lost in the shuffle

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There is this guy that is, sort of, my friend. I honestly love him, not like that, but like i think he's awesome like as a person. and i know hes not gay, but he has like a lot more girls-as-friends than boys. actually, he has a lot of friends, both genders. i feel lost in the shuffle. i mean, i want him to notice me like as somebody that could be his really good friend, but i'm afraid to approach him when there are other girls around.

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Hi Anamarie89 !


If you want to be just his friend, then don't be afraid to show him that. We all value people who we believe hold us in high esteem - and you would be letting him know that. Don't give him confused signals though - friends - no flirting. Leading him on would get a different result !


Hope this helps you some,

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If you want to be more, give him the signals. Specifically, ask him out. Can't get much more obvious than that! Ask him if he wants to go to a movie, or a drive somewhere, or just tell him that you'd like to spend some time with him talking to him because you enjoy his company. It doesn't have to be anything heavy or intense, and you accomplish your goal.


If he shies away, then you know he's picked up on the signals and may not be prepared for dating right this second. But you can't get angry, just remember that! I've seen way too many girls who go after a guy they like and, when slightly snubbed, i.e. the whole "I'd rather be friends" thing, they get angry.


If he likes you, he'll welcome your suggestion. If not, then you still have a great friend and who knows? His feelings may change yet....lol



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