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saying I love you, but not in that way

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i have a really really good friend who is a girl and im a guy, shes my best friend and im hers too. We always spend time together and its so much fun. i think im in love with her but im not "in love" with her. is it possible to love someone in a non traditional way. in a non i-wanna-marry-you way. just a way thats like you are the best person ive ever met and i love you. i dont like her in a romantic way at all. but i love her, is that possible? if it is, is there anyway i can tell her without her thinking im obsessed or weird? since its a guy-girl relationship its a little differnet. how could i tell her that i love her and make it not seem like i mean it in the traditional way but in the yer my best friend forever way?

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Hey, I think that is a great question. I firmly believe it is possible. You arent in love with youre friend. You love youre friend. There is a big difference. I guess its sort of like how you love youre pet, or a family member, maybe a little different though. I think in youre case the best way to express youre feelings to youre friend without sending the wrong message is through youre actions. Continue being there as a great friend. Be someone she can turn to when the times get rough. Be someone who can keep her company when she is lonely. Do little random acts of kindness for her, trust me she will know how much you care about her. Actions speak louder than words.

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ABSOLUTELY. My oldest, best friend in the world is male, we've been hanging out together and have gone through SO much stuff in the last 11 years. People used to joke that, where you saw one of us, the other wasn't far behind, because we went EVERYWHERE together, lived together, went though EVERYTHING together. His current wife hated me at first because she thought we were together and he just wasn't being honest and telling her.....lol


I've told him I love him more times than I can count, because we have a bond that, cheesy as it sounds, can never be broken. He's also married with 2 kids, and I'm with my fiance. I'm also very good friends with his wife, finally.....lol


So yes, you can DEFINITELY tell your best friend or oldest friend (or ANY friend, for that matter) that you love them....there's nothing wrong with saying how you feel! It's an affirmation that you appreciate them in your life, what they've done for you, and that they continue to be there for you no matter what.



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