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25 year old lifelong single needs inspiration...


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Can anybody here who never dated, had a relationship, or lost their virginity until their mid-20s or after share their success stories with me. I'm wondering how I can meet that someone now that I'm out of school and working full time in a mostly male office (I'm a guy).


Any advice or stories would be appreciated.

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Myself personally I have not, I would like too say that still being a virgin at 25 is very honorable and there will be someone out there that will love you for who you are and appreciate that you have waited this long to be intimate with a single soul. I have had many friends who have found true happiness and they waited till they found the right one before they gave themselves completely. Think of all the things your saving yourself from worrying about, unwanted pregnancy(yourpartner), Std's, HIV..... the list goes on for things to worry about for those who have given in and given up their virginity.. SO its not to late to find love at your age........Don't lose hope all will work out in the end.................In Divine Time. When one door shuts another will open.....



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I simply must comment that you should be proud of yourself that you still have your virginity.

Do what you love to do. What puts a smile on your face? If you do that, your future lover will see your smile and your heart and introduce himself. Let people see you. Become accessable. Show your flaws (we ALL HAVE THEM) and it is what makes us attractively human.

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I guess it isn't any surprise that people are having trouble finding someone to trust at any age.


First of all take a good look at yourself and if you can, ask a trusted friend what are some things that you can do to improve how you are seen by others. Maybe update your hair style or improve yourself in some other way. I know some people who put adds in the personal sections of the newspaper.


I would say watch some shows that have current dating themes like "couplings" this may give you some hope that you aren't the only person with cold feet when it comes to dating.


Why do most people marry? So they won't have to worry about finding someone to date.


Now isn't the time to be shy, if you go to a club, don't be afraid to walk up to people and politely introduce yourself. Be persistent, don't give up easily. Try church related groups, try volunteering on the weekends.


Always seem positive to those around you. You can't control what they think, but be open to constructive criticism.

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