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simple questions need simple answers

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If you are asking the question, then they are not making it clear.


Ask yourself this first: Is this the type of person that I know I can trust with my heart?


If you can't answer 'yes', then if they want you back or not shouldn't matter, this person is not for you.


If you do answer 'yes', then I suggest simly asking them if they are interested in dating again. You will have your question answered and they will respect you for being so honest and blunt about matters of the heart.

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If she wants you back she will bring up the subject, on how you guys were so good together and she misses you and feels a void and stuff. If she is being nosy then she will ask if you have been dating and what u been upto or do you miss her and how you spend your day, basically general stuff.

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I agree with routerx. If you're asking the question, then they aren't making it clear. By listening to the other person's responses... you should have a clear understanding as to what the other person wants or is looking for.


Good luck... and just listen to what your heart is telling you.

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