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i am upset with my worthless life

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i've posted before and i'm sorry i'm posting again. but for me, life is really becoming too much. i am extrmely angry at the fact that if their is a God he doesn't care at all about me. and i know he cares about other people because he helps all the stupid thugs and ganstas all the freakin time. i try to be a good person, but now i'm just tired of trying anything. and it's not just God that doesn't care, my family could care less about my feelings. they thinkg all my problems are nothing. how would you like it if something really bothered you and everyone just blew it off? because i think it's stupid. today i got up and i didn't want to. i wished God would've ended my life in my sleep or maybe a big truck hit me on the way to school. i'm in love and that hurts too cause the girl i like has a stupid bf already. for me it was a big step to go up to her cause i'm not like all these other guys who are apparently better than me. and yes i do blame God cause as all those gospel songs i hear, he's in control and he doesn't give up on people....well he gave up on me. i feel like a horse and God is always dangling a carrot or something in front of me. close enough for me to smell it but never able to really have it. if someone reads this please understand, i've truly tried to make things right in my worthless life so that's why i blame God. i mean, i'm not blaming people, and i think God can be blamed cause i didn't ask to be born. i didn't ask to be without a purpose and i didn't ask to always be punished all the time. like i said he doesn't punish the thugs and bad people who do wrong on purpose, so why the hell does he punish someone who tries to be considerate of others. i don't think i'm a saint, but i don't want to think i'm a horrible person either. i just wish things would get better. but if they don't i'm gonna just give up before it gets even worse.


to anyone who took the time to read this thank you and i'm sorry if it sounds stupid. but it's how i honestly feel

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Hi Saku, I do remember your last post. I've noticed that this one is also very religion-oriented. This is something I said about certain attitudes and religion. I've decided to paste it for you so you. I thought you might find matter to reflection in all this.


Omega Man



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Religion is a huge debate that has been going on for thousands of years and that question has been asked and answered in a thousand different ways, you just have to find an answer that satifies you.


Remember there are other avenues and only you can decide what you would like to believe in. I personally am not christian and follow no organised religion, but I am familiar with one thing christians sometimes say to soften the onset of the inevitable bad times we all have (some a lot more than others) "God helps those who help themselves"


You cant blame god for everything, sorry mate sometimes life just shits on you. Most of the time it will pay you back for it, though, if your nice

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i hear everything you are saying. you are probably young. which means you have alot more crap that will come your way before it's all over. there are no answers and i think that is the answer that i always fall back on. we are all going through this. you have to fight through it. if you are a good person, good thngs will happen to you and i think for each ounce of pain you can endure you will become entitled to a pound of happiness in the future. it sounds cliche' but you have to rise above everything. shake it off and move forward. it's their loss and her loss and everyone loses but you dont have to. the first thing people willingly give up when they are tried and tired is their dignity and self respect. keep yours.

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Hi. I've been in your shoes before and I have some advice. You stated, "i feel like a horse and God is always dangling a carrot or something in front of me. close enough for me to smell it but never able to really have it."


A lesson from the 10 commandments: Thou shalt have no other God's other than me.


I can assure you that it is not God who is dangling the carrot, although you think it is. God wants you to focus on him not your carrots. He is the "giant carrot" and he can be reached.


I promise you that if you put things in perspective, place God first, all other matters will develop naturally.


Look in the mirror fist, put God first, all else will develop.

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Hey Saku!

I see that you have the same problem I had. You know, life becomes a chaos, and the only one left to blame is God.


Well, he didn't put you in this world for no reason. He doesn't "just punish you". Remember that you also have your happy times. In fact, there are more happy times than "punishments".


Everything in this world has a purpose. Even the most stupid things. You will always be able to learn something new from your experiences. Personaly, I had one of the worst times of my life lately. It's that kind of moment when school is like hell, and trying to be kind and nice to everyone without results seems to worsen your mood. But I learned that God won't help you in little stuff you can solve by yourself, because he gave us the capacity to fix most of our problems.


One last line:

The one who never makes mistakes hasn't done anything.



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please dont give up, i know things can get hard and complicated at times, but believe it or not Got does love you, good things happened to bad people and bad things happened to good people, that just the way it is, Everything works together for the Glory of God, that i promise you. So with that said he does have a purpose for your life, i know he does. You seem young to me, correct me if im wrong, but maby you just havent found it yet, i dont think that i have found it quite yet either...but whatever you do please just remember that God does love you, and he is everywhere at all times and he is watching over you. Everyone had a puropose in this world...everyone. Even you. i hope this helps make your day little brighter.

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Indeed we are not Dante. I think are you doing a terrible mistake thinking that you can't learn from someone else's life experience, but that is your opinion and you are entitled to it like you say.


All I will add this my friend, I shared my story because I used to think like him once, until I found my happiness in rationality. Do you not think this has the potential of a good advice?


If Saku said the he drank alcohol and felt unhappy. Would I be wrong in saying that he might want to stop, as I stopped and it helped me to overcome my trials? Would that me too much talking about me and not giving advice? Isn't the proof of somone's success with something inspring enough to be considered an adivce?


But then again, as you've said yourself, I'm entitled my own opinion, and thus am entitled to give the advice I judge helpful, although it my not fit your taste.




Omega Man


May I end this with a little quote from Ayn Rand, it explains how I once felt about religion, maybe others may relate to it:


Do you wonder why you cry that you find no answers? By what means did you hope to find them? You reject your tool of perception-your mind-then complain the universe is a mystery. You discard your key, then wail that all doors are locked against you. You start out in a pursuit of irrationnal, then damn existence for making no sense.


How's that for a quote?

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i'm religious. i won't hide it. I've got f***ing problems too you know. But i've never blamed God. I do blame people, parents, myself especially. But I believe in God. It's not so that my life can becaome somehow magically better, that would be a cult. Honestly, i rarely think about God, especially when i feel like s**t. But the thought is always there, subconsciously, that someone out there knows. Knows something, at least. Honestly, i feel like God doesn't punish me enough...

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