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Hi, i'm the neewbie Chisama.


I have a slight problem. I met this guy a few months ago.

Anyway, I had just arrived at this school my junior year second semester. I was down an out because i had left all my friends behind. I had met many people before and found really nice friends. However one morning, i saw this guy. I never really believed in Love at first site, but at that moment it made be a believer. (but now, i just think that it was just a phase)


I had spoken to this guy and for the rest of that semester, i just wanted to get to know him before i jump to conclusions. a few weeks later i learned that he just had just got a girlfriend. i was jelous, however, because i had just arrived there, i decided not to act on anything. it wasn't my place.


When school was out me and this guy spent some time together. We both were like so close. it was as if i had known him some time ago. A few days later he had got a call from his girlfriend. she was fussing with him over some drama he wasn't responsible for and she blamed him. She didn't even trust the guy.


I talk to him about it, trying to not put my jelously before me. I spoke to him as a friend and i told him how concern i was. A few weeks later he dumps her and goes with me. For a while the relationship goes great and slow. I thought that was perfect. We had a few problems here and there, but we stayed together. That's when his x-girlfriend's friend got wind of the successful relationship. They would hangout in groups and stair me down as if i had commited the worst sin. They wouldn't talk to me and they were mad one day when i wore his gersey.

What was ironic was that these were his friends. I thought that they would support him. One day he over heard them talking about ending the relationship. What i mean by that, was fighting me.


I call my x-boyfriend a weak person, he is greatly affected by peer pressure, because that sameday of the fight, he broke up with me. what made it worse was that the ladies got to him. From what i have seen with in the time that i have been here is that he does not like to hurt his friends and evern if it means hurting himself he will not like to lose any friend of his. Well, for a moment and 2 months he lost me.


Later called me to appologize. He kept calling to make sure i was okay. He say's he didn't mean to hurt me, but it was the only way to keep us from not getting expelled from school. After a few months, his girlfriend still treats him like dirt. He tell me he doesn't like it, but he is affraid that they may take the anger out on me if he breaks up.


I don't want to steal him, but i want him back. She doesn't deserve someone like him. I really miss him.

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Let him now you still care for him and thats all you can really do. My only question is if he is such a weak person and gives entirely too much into peer pressure why do you want to be with him? I'm a dude and this is what you should do. Let him know you care for him but just be like I have to live for me and can't keep hanging on and waiting for you. Go out, have fun, meet new guys. IF he call dont be mean just explain to him you still care about him but you cant put your life "on hold". There are plenty of people out there but you know your feelings better than anyone sooo do waht your heart says. HOpe it all works out........Late

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Thank you.

I had gotten the same response from a classmate. I needed more people to give their opionion. However, i spoke to him about how i felt. He actually understood more than i thought he would. Now that he really wants to get back with me. We both recognize that we have a huge problem. It is with his current girlfriend and her friends who were the people that had separated us the first time.

This is the only reason that i am afraid we can't be seen together without the 3 (in total) jumping me. They won't hurt him. I don't want to fight at all. I'm soooooo close to graduation, i don't need any screw-ups now. I have a class with one of the 3 and she sits right behind me. I am a very social person, however i watch what i say, and having her behind me is a very dangerous thing. She just might go postal and hurt me. Only if he is around will they not touch me. But they will try to get to him again. I'm not going with the school. All i want to go with is him.

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