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I'm Afraid of Strangers...

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I've hesitated posting this because I think it's childish...but at night before I go to bed I have this fear that in the middle of the night someone will break in the house and put a gun to my head. I don't know why but it freaks me out. I'm 17 and sometimes when I stay home alone I'm afraid of kidnappers or someone breaking in tht house, I pray at night to the lord to protect me, but I'm still so scared. Does anyone else deal with this? How do I get rid of it? Please reply I would appreciate it!

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I get this all the time.Ive even stood up and got a knife thinking 'im gona get whoever has intruded in my house'-only to make me feel better of course.And getting up in the night is pretty bad aswell.You're not childish at all,but i think like me,perhaps this has stemmed from a childhood fear?


The only advice i can give you that has worked for me is simply DONT THINK ABOUT IT. I know thats easy said,but it does work,just concentrate on something entirely different and if the thoughts try sneaking back,DONT LET THEM.You are in control of your thoughts,so dont let them control you.Failing that you could try sleeping with a light on or something,that might make you feel safer.Iev even hugged a water bottle before coz i didnt feel safe,that makes me feel better!! I think its a comfort thing,if you feel protected then you wont be scared.


Dont be ashamed hun.Hope i helped!!

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I used to get this all the time when i was 17 but as u grow older u forget about it all. I was pretty bad when i was 10 getting my mum to sit on the end of the bed and i would say " can u stay there all night, i wan't you to stay there" and my mum would go "ok i will", and when she saiz that i feel real safe and fall asleep. When i was 17 when i had to stay home alone, slept with the light on and made shore all the doors,windows were locked. Now i never even think about it, it never crosses my mind.

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