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i something a little earlier on this. um shaving?

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ok this is embarressing a bit but i have a problem with shaving down there. you know. yea. so i mean i can't wear regular bikini style bathing suits, i have to use the shorts. i mean i have tried all sorts of stuff. creams, certain shaving gels. i don't wanna wax cuz that would hurt way to much. but like i would like to feel comfortable infront of my boyfriend in like the lingerie(i know i prolly spelled that wrong). he says it doesn't bother him but i know it would prolly be so much more of a turn on if u couldn't see some of that. i don't want it all off cuz i don't wanna feel like a 10 year old or anything i just want to be able to wear a regular kind of bikini.

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What exactly are you asking about? Whether to shave, or how to shave?


Whether to shave is up to you, but it sounds like you think you want to anyway, so that decision is made. Some women do it for looks, others because it's more comforable to wear certain types of clothing. I've heard it feels cleaner.


As for how to, you say you've used shaving gels etc. That implies you've tried actual shaving. Did that not work? It does grow back quite quickly, shaving is not a permanent solution, nor is waxing for that matter. As far as I know, shaving is quite common.


Talk to a profession about waxing. It may not be as bad as you think, unless you've already tried that. Probably not something you should do yourself. No need to be embarrassed for a professional to do it, you don't need to fully undress of anything like that.

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If you use a regular razor do not go against the growth. This will cause less irritation. You may want to use lotion afterwards or even a mild aftershave. The more you do it the less the irritation is. If it is really long, you might want to trim it up with scissors as well.

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