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2 Months since break up and still hard when she has new b/f

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Thanks for reading.

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago and she started dating someone a couple of weeks after we broke up and it hurt bad. For the first 3 weeks or so I would always keep asking her to give us another try and she kept replying by saying she needed time and needs to find herself?I guess I was pushing her away further by doing this. It's tough because she is still with the new guy. I've realized the mistakes I've made in the realtionship and told her that. She was the one that always wanted to get married and have my children and such but I was the commitment scared one.We went out for 2.5 years.She loved me soo much and I unfortunetly never showed it back, well I did but not as much as her. The past month I've been dating someone new and it's going ok but I do not have the same feelings for her. I miss the ex and would love to get back but she is still with the new guy. She still calls me once in a while and asks me to meet for coffee and stuff but it's tough seeing her when I still have feelings for her and she talks about the new guy sometimes.. She sent me an e-mail the first week we broke up.. here it is, I've changes the names though..



Hey.... well i guess i have tried to explain myself to you, but it sounds very confusing to you, i know... But i feel like leaving is the best thing for us right now. We have spend too long fighting with each other and to many times where i have left and came back and we went right back to where we started. I need to find happiness, for a long time i wished that i could with you, but it ended up that we both weren't happy. There is no one else in my life, Mark is just a friend that happens to be going threw the same thing. I'm sorry that you are hurt when I talk to him, i guess i'm just trying to find anwsers for my life and advice from a third party. Another reason for me leaving is that i need to find myself, there are alot of things that i need to think about and i think that i would be able to think clearer without you around. I want you to know that without a dought, I Love you and nothing will change that. I'm just scared to stay, because i've tried that so many times and it never worked.Please understand my decision, i'm not doing this to hurt you, i'm doing this because i truly think that it's the best decision right now. And who knows maybe when we get back together, we will appreciate what we both have and work more things out rather than fight. And that all i want.... is to be happy.. Shawn I Love you..... Jen xxoo



What do you guys take on all this?? Should I just give up hope? The guy Mark in the letter is the same guy she is still dating by the way.

I love her and want her back but should I just give up hope, or give her time and see what she wants even though it has been 2 months already?

Any help would be appreciated

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Hey, it is only 2 months after you broke up, of course you will still feel hurt when she is dating someone, we are only human beings, i will doubt who can really heal a broken heart in 2 month ? ( At least, I am trying myself)


You love each other, like most couples do, but even you love each other so much, it does not mean you are meant to be together, both of you have kept trying so many times and so hard , but it still does not worked out, and you will know when it is about time to let go.( Samart ones will know and do it) But you never know whether she will be back to you one day. At this moment focus on your own, someday someone will come into your life, probably can be another nice girl, probably can be your ex.


You have to believe it someone is there on the way to meet you, to give you love, not tomorrow, but someday in your life.

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Yeah true, Bu the thing is that she was the one always trying hard.

I never really tried all that hard to be honest. I took her for granted and realize now what I should have done and would do it if I got one more chance. She loved me soo much and I would never show it back as much as she did. Don't get me wrong I did show it to her but I guess not as much as she wanted.

And it's weird now too because I've been dating someone now for 3 weeks but I just don't have those same feelings for her....

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