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Hi all, Well the last 8 months sure have been a rollercoaster for me. This board has been a wealth of information and a pillar of much needed support and I ask one more time for your help. So the story goes...


I met a girl in Feb. that I, from the first second I saw her, fell in love. She never really felt the same. Over time we became the best of friends, and the last month or two became even closer. We got intimate a handful of times, stayed with each other several times, and really got close. I can't say that she led me on, I think I lead myself on thinking that she cared for me deeper than friendship. I know she loves me, but not as deeply as I care about her. When we are together, we share things that neither of us have shared before. I don't know if she really likes me and is afraid becaue of past experiences or if I'm not the one for her.


A two separate occasions, when we were both drunk, she told me she did not want anything more than a friendship. After the first time, and after I told her how much I cared for her, is when we got closer and started being intimate. The second time was a couple of nights ago and this is the one that really tore me up. I was out at a club with some friends and she called and told me she wanted to meet me there. I live in LA, and getting in clubs can be difficult in Hollywood at times for other people. I went out on a limb to get her in, but she showed up with another guy and girl. Well, she comes to my table gets a drink and walks off with the other couple. I walk over to the bar to talk to her and see the girl kiss her for a couple of seconds, adn then the other guy kissed her too, although she immediately pulled away from him. Yes she was drunk, but to me that is completely disrespectful. We ended up getting into a verbal fight at the club and she left with the other couple. I went to her house and stayed because I was too drunk too drive home. She came home and we fought a bit more and went to bed. She tried to cuddle as usual but this time I pushed her away. The next morning, she apologized for fighting, but never said anything about disrespecting me and now she changes the subject when I bring it up. I just really think this is messed up.


Okay, first of all, please dont judge me or her because of the drinking. I know it can be evil thing and an escape for people that have deeper problems. A couple of the things that I would like some opinions on... A) Should I move on and never talk to her again, which is what I feel like doing right now. B) Does honesty come out when people are drunk? She tells me how wonderful I am when she is sober, but the couple of times she has been drunk, she says she wants nothing more than friendship. I don't want to lose a friend, but it is tearing me up inside being in limbo all the time.


As a side note, I never expected her to be with me exclusively and understand that she is trying to explore/figure out things in her life so I expect her to date other people as do I. The problem I have is when she did this crap right in front of me... and my friends.


This hurts really bad, I am so torn on the inside... Help, please???

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man disrespect u should never take no matter what simple ..


and yes when people are drunk they talk the truth alright ;


i wouldnt want anything to do with a beep like that forget it ;


move on he aint worth cryin over ...forget her

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Thanks ShyGuy... I know... Man, my mind tells me to walk away, all my friends tell me to walk away, but my heart tells me to hold on. I know I can't stay around but damn it hurts. I really see something special with her.


For some reason, I always go for this type of girl. I always like the challenge of taking someone who is somewhat unobtainable and feel like I can change their mind or the way they are. I wish I knew what the hell my problem is.

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