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I am a mixture of confusion...I'm angery and sad... My ex-boyfriend who has been my friend now for about 4 months since we broke up...has been trying to make me jealous with casually mentioning other girls etc.

I was never a jealous girlfriend because I had no reason to be because I knew he was mine...But I am still in love with him and he knows ...I think thats the worst part is that he still knows I have feelings for him...

I am in love with him...but I tell him I've given up...I try to convince myself that I have...but deep down I know that I still want him in my life. I'm happy he is my friend and we get along great but it's just when he mentions these other people it makes me sad because all of my hopes of having him the way I did before get crushed and my heart breaks again like it did when we broke up....we dated for a year...and it was hard for me to except that he had lost his love for me... I'm not sure if I should still have hope that things will get better or try and let go....


"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the strength to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."


I really don't know the difference between my feelings...and anything anyone can say will help...Thank you for reading...

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Sorry to hear about your situation.. I'm in the same one kind of.. My ex and I broke up 2 months ago and she started dating a new guy 2 weeks after. I met with her today and she was talking about him and stuff. It's hard trying to be friends still when you still have feelings. I wrote her a letter today saying, in a nice way that I cannot see her anymore for a while because I still have feelings for her. Maybe you should do the same. I think your ex and my ex still have feelings for us but they are with someone new and interesting and feed off that.

The worst part is that I'm dating someone now also but have no real feelings for her.

Good luck

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i totally agree with what bubbamackdaddy69 had to say. my ex and i broke up like 2 months ago too. she still wanted to be friends and i tried that and after awhile it just wasnt helping me. i wanted to be friends to cause she is a great person and she was also my best friends and soul mate. i finnally told her how i feel and told her that i want to be friends, but i just need some time apart first. its been 3 weeks since i contacted her. she emailed me but i never replied. i feel stronger and the hurt is not there as much. i still feel i want to be friends but this time is healing my wounds.


i think you should do the same. this time will help you realize that there might not be much hope right now for the two of yous or you will realize that if it was really meant to be, then someday it will. you dont know what the future holds. right now that is type of hope i have.


hope this helps

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I would do as these guys have suggested and take the break. Your ex is apparently happy in his relationship, and may not be thinking how much it upsets you that he talks about it. I'm sure he's not doing it intentionally, he may just be a little slow on the uptake and doesn't quite realize the impact it has on you.


Write him a letter-tell him that it upsets you when he talks about his girlfriend, and that you're not ready to hear about her. It might seem selfish to him, but he should respect the fact that everyone moves on in their life after a breakup at different speeds. Let him know that you need the break so you can start to heal and get over him/on with your life.


Seeing him is only going to be a constant reminder of what you lost, and you sound as though you're not ready for the "friends" phase of things yet. Let him go and work on getting yourself back together and ready for a new relationship....I can promise you it'll happen, but you have to give yourself the chance to get over him first!



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