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The smartest player I ever encountered (long one-sry)


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What the girl I like may be doing to me is messed up. I know she knows I like her and that she's going out with someone outside of my school, so that may have something to do with it. But none of the other girls I ever liked tried playing me in any way that I couldn't solve. Look at these examples:


1.) She tends to flirt with a whole lotta guys and I think its sometimes a fake to see how I react, since she does it in plain sight, a few feet away from me, all the time. Its like, I make the turn out of Spanish, and yep, she's flirting with a guy right there. Later that same day, out of Science and you guessed it, she's doing it again. She makes it seem like she's going out with all these guys even though she's not.


2.) She says my name alot. Let's presume my name is "X'. If I say for example the list for our grades is up at the door, she'll say "X, what are you talking about X"?, with one of those "I'm on the verge of making you crack" expressions. She tends to say my name quite a bit, but I've known her for less then six months so I have no clue if she's always like this.


3.) When I IM her online, I can say something anyone can understand and she says she doesn't get it and I have to repeat it once or twice. And its not like she's a crackhead because she's in a bunch of honors classes and isn't all that clueless.


I'm not trying to be selfish or anything, but I'm kinda new to the dating scene, so I'm not all that used to these things. Right now, I feel she gets along with me as a friend, but she won't go out with me now b/c she has a bf. When they break up though, I feel I may get the yes when I ask her out, but I feel 50/50 because I tend to "kneejerk" on thinking girls really like me when they really don't. Her friend who I have known since we were 3 will tell me when they break up so I can get a step on the competition (MollyElise's advice). Advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Any tough foreshadowing signs that need thought could also help.

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I would avoid this girl like the plague, if she's giving you such mixed signals. 1) who's to say she'll give you a chance IF she breaks up w/her boyfriend, and 2) why wouldn't she treat guys any differently than she's treating her boyfriend now, only with you instead (the whole flirting with other guys, etc. thing)? And why would she be acting dumb, for lack of a better word, if she's in honors? Mature girls don't act like that, flirting or not, that's just airheadedness.


I'd just stick to talking to her like you have been and possibly telling her to grow up if the dumb thing starts getting wearisome. (It would for me-I have no tolerance for people acting like idiots, whatever the reason....) It's a moot point at this point anyway, since she's with her guy!



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Most of what you said was right, but I'm not sure if she's playing dumb or if I just write it too confusing and I don't realize it, since it may be possible. I may just have to face the light and see that she has a boyfriend and leave it at that - for now. Any other suggestions? (Thanks Mar)

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