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Why didnt he call me?


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I was suppose to go out with this kid tonite. I gave him my cell number and told him to call me. I was supposed to get out of work at 9 and tehn we could go out after that. But he never called me. I really like him more than anything. I have no reason to believe he would have stood me up, because on the phone he sounded so up for going out. He asked for my phone number, I didnt just give it to him. And he checked to make sure I had it right. Then we talked about how he died his hair a different color adn stuff like that, so he was letting me kno that he would look different wen i saw him.


But im so depressed and sad right now, I really really like him and I wanted to go out with him in the worst way.


The only things I could think of why he wouldnt have called.......are


a) he lost my number or dint have my number with him wherever he was

b) his friends who were mean to me changed his mind

c) he forgot

d) he is 16 so maybe his parents set a curfew for him


On the phone the other day when we talked he said " I havent heard from you in so long " which made me kind of sad that i didnt call him back after he gave me his number.


So what should I do? Should I call him sometime ( not tomorrow ) and ask him what happened? Should i say.....I really did liek you and I wished we could have hung out together. Or do I just wait until he calls me back?


Please understand that I like him a lot. He isnt even the cutest looking guy, but his personality is awesome.


Help im depressed



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well, he seemed like he really was looking forward to hanging out, so im guessing that he didn't change his mind. especially if he has a good personality & all, he wouldnt have just stood you up like that. i think you should call him tomorrow & see what happened. its probably better not to wait until later to call because by then he will probably think (assuming something happened like he lost your #) that you forgot that you were supposed to hang out & maybe you didn't care too much about hanging out.

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I have a quick question for you how old are you? It sounds like that you are older then him at lesse 18-19 that is my gess. But baring that I think that you should call him becouse if he did louse your number he will feel bad if you dont call him it will probly crush him. So call him and tell him that you mist him last night and ask what happened. Then you should ask him on a date to make up for the one that you mist. Will I hope that this hepls and good luck.

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