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Does it have a meaning?

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Wel the other night I awoke from having a dream and before I'd fallen asleep I had asked god to tell me or give me a sign if she likes me well the dream was I was in like a forest park thing with my parents but some how the girl who I like was there and were walking and talking and then a picture of a girl fell out of my pocket and It wasn't mine I just had picked it up and of all a sudden she starts yelling and the next thing I know is she goes I love you and I replied the same way. But then she gets in a cab (how the hell it got there I dont know) and I ask if shed go out with me and she is all bizarre acting says " I dont know it's too dark".

So is this dream telling me the future? I mean there is a chance that she likes me. Or is it just a weird dream I dont know. Have you ever had a dream thats come true.


Mystery man

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i swear, all of my dreams tell the future... one time in 8th grade, we had a assistant teacher who i really liked (not as in a crush, just as a teacher). well, it was like a friday & she was telling us that it would be her last day & of course i was sad about it. well, that night i had a dream that she decided to come back to teach one more day & guess waht happened?? yeah, thats right, she came back on monday saying she missed us too much so she was back for one last day... there's more dreams like it. its a great possibility that this dream is telling the future. im not going to doubt it because i know from experience that it does happen. i think that instead of trying to figure out what your dream really means, you should try to make something happen out of it. just sitting back isn't going to bring this girl to you. if she's a friend, or even if you've only talked to her once, see if she wants to hang out. take it step by step & hopefully it all works out.

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I hate to say it after they've probably raised your hopes, but dreams are more or less a random collection of thoughts/etc... that your subconscious mind puts together while your conscious mind rests. Yeah, sometimes dreams will become a reality, but they aren't a reliable source of prophecy, or anything like that. Not to say you and her won't hook up (good luck, by the way), but I wouldn't base the possibility of it on a dream you had.

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I have had a dream that helps me know how to handle a situation. I wasn't sure how to take something that I'd been told not to do or scolded, I might say, so I went to bed thinking how I would handle the situation.


In the dream, a neighbor that I had used to work with was out in front of the house, not our real neighborhood, but one I lived in when I was younger. She ignored me for the most part just like when I was working with her. So I asked he how to do something, or where something was and she pointed to a "lock box" which is like what real estate people use and said it is in there.


So I found the key that I was looking for and it was a neighbor, who I worked with, but who I didn't think liked me much who told me the secret.


So I contacted someone close by who was familiar with the situation and asked her about the person that had scolded me and it really helped to put things in perspective.


Your Dream:


You are a young adult, symbolized by the edge of the forest, and your family being there for you still, but your family isn't helping much, just standing by if you need support.


You see the girl of your dreams, but she tells you no in the dream, doesn't she? She says it is too dark, meaning there is no real reason, she just doesn't know what to do. Another girl is in your pocket, meaning that someone else is there waiting for you to notice her. You picked her up, but you don't really remember what it was that you had wanted from her---she is the one that you should persue, the other girl is a shot in the dark, not a real direction, just a motive.


Try and figure out who the alternative is to you.

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