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Tears fall


Eyes raised to the heavens.


a thin, strangled voice utters




a heartwrenching sob, a muttering of prayers,


darkness falls.


the darkness of night


the eternal dark of the night.


fears abound,


tears at the soul,


weakness springs eternal.


the eternity of night,


night that never ends,


eternal darkness




A ray of light shines down slowly,


soft, warm light that does not blight.


Falls on thy face,


covered with thy tears,


a voice utters forth,


I be with you always,


trust in me, for I shall be your light.

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Thanks a lot renaissancewoman, reading your poem made me feel that there are people out there who are struggling with problems just like me. I am currently in tears, I have a headache. I feel the darkness and I see no end to it. I hope I can see that light.. I loved your poem, keep it up girl.


Thanks again..

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