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she did it to me again/i did it to myself again

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Ok, I posted here before so I'll summerize what happened to me when she broke up with me. We went out/lived together for 2 years. She broke up with me a week before my birthday because of an argument. She moved out of my place and I also gave her our car. I was heartbroken and didn't want to have my birthday party. She came to the bday party but was very distant from me. A week later she agrees to have lunch with me at work. We decide to take things slow and get back together. We go out to dinner and movies and I ask her to sleep over and after that she's gone for good. 2 weeks later I found out she's hooked up with somebody. I know of him but don't know him. Everybody knows everybody in this city. Anyways, things start to add up and I realize I have to get over her because she's not coming back. I work hard at picking myself off the floor. While at the same time I'm hurt and I often go home to think and cry while listening to slow songs. Well it's been 4.5 months now. I finally started caring about the way I look again and I've created a new me. I recently bought a brand new Mercedes, I shop a lot because I didn't like the way I was looking or how her influence in clothes made me look. I go out clubbing almost every weekend and even got some phone numbers. Been hooked up with a blind date but that turned out to be a date from hell. I still talk to her but I don't want to go out with her. Just wanna be friends. Well while out clubbing last weekend someone hits my car in the bumper and takes off. I was so upset.. I ended up calling my ex just to talk.. NOTHING else. Well that's where things started turning out funny. We talked on the phone for 3 hours and she had to go to work. I asked if she wanted to go out afterwards. She said ok. We stay up talking in bed like we used to till 5 am. No hanky panky.. but the things she said really hurt me. Basically she's bored with this new guy. She said she thinks about me and misses me. She says that he tells her I love you but when she says it back to him she feels nothing. When she thinks about saying I love you to me she has butterflies in her tummy. I told her that I've been waiting to hear this for 4.5 months. Honestly, I told her to that these feelings are normal because you jumped to a different man so fast. I actually found myself on her new man's side... I couldn't believe what I was saying. Just 2 months ago, I was trying to find out his address to pay him a happy good morning. Anyway, the night ended and I was stupid enough to buy her flowers the next day. Yellow roses and I wrote her a letter saying how much I miss her and still want to be with her. She hasn't replied or told me how she feels about it. It's very typical of her and I expect that from her. I guess what I'm asking is what should I do now? Do I just sit and wait for her and her new man to not work? Should I even take her back if that happens? Can I ever forgive her if we ever get back together? What if she calls me and say that things are over between her & him? Should I just tell her too late & too little.. It's been a week and I found myself relapsed and going home and crying. I'm starting to not care how I look again and it doesn't look like I'm going clubbing this weekend cause I'm hurt again.

Help pls!

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Forget about her man, she's just going back to what used to be comfertable. If things don't work out between new guy and her don't just go back to her, wait a while and see if she jumps to another guy. if she does then she probably just needs a man in her life. Plus if you take her back right away she's just going to walk all over you. She'll see that she can get whatever she wants from you. Things might have not gone good with her and her new man the day you guys hung out so it got her thinking about you again. If it's been a week since you sent her the flowers and she hasn't called then she's not worth it man. Care for yourself, don't let yourself fall apart because yoyur ex messed with your mind. You were doing fine before you relapsed so you can get back to that. Hope you figure it out buddy, keep in mind that you're better that that.

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That's what I feel that's happen already. I gave her what she wanted or maybe what she didn't want. No matter what she's gone again and I rolled back 4.5 months of misery to start all over again. She's been on my mind all day long and I can't understand why I can't shake her off my mind. I've never taken this long to get over some one in my life. I usually only go through it for a month. I can't believe I'm on month 5 and it's getting worse. I know that I can only blame myself. I called her, I asked her to go out, I let it happen. I should've kept to myself like I was doing and never called. I feel so stupid and ignorant. I just don't get how I didn't see this coming. What's funny is that half of me regrets the night, and half of me is happy that I got to be with her. Talk about sad.

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