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should i contact her?-immediate reply needed


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this is basically an update on me last post.


basically,i am stil gettin over my ex wen i fancied this girl.dhe wasnt into me the same way bt stil wanted 2 see wat would happen.


while i was stil gettin over my ex,i wasnt prepared 2 make a move.so i didnt.so she went for another guy instead.i got kinda upset.


anyway...we had cleared da air over tht bt i told someone i was mad wit her on friday.da friend told her i was stil angry wit her.she wanted an explaination and i kinda went on about how i thougt certian things oN FRIDAY and tht we were cool now.however...she misunderstood and she thought i was havin a go at her personality.

i explained 2 her properly da nxt day bt im nt sure if she has forgiven me.

this was weds.

da main thing is when do i ask her if we are cool?i have been callin her alot and i wana give her some room.should i cal her now 2 jus see if she is cool wit me?or should i contact her another way?


help asap.thx enotalone.

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