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fiance and I got back together last night

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after a long talk last night with my fiance we got things straightened out and we are back together. She blamed herself a lot for everything, I mean she was an emotional wreck...after a rape, ya, any woman would be an emotional wreck. I asked her if I needed to change anything to help better the relationship and she said "no it's not you, it's me" Her counselor and her best female friend were very angry with her, in fact her best friend wouldn't talk to her anymore unless she reconciled with me. My girl has been feeling sick and she thinks she's pregnant because of the rape and she has made a decision to abort IF she's pregnant. because she and her body aren't ready for a baby right now and I support her decision or whatever decision she would make anyway. Things are really, really tough for her right now and she has been going to counseling, I'm reallly proud of her for doing that early on. I love her a lot, I care about her a lot, she means everything to me and I just her to be happy and hopefully get things back to normal.



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