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I need as many replies as possible!!! Please help!

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half. We have been living together away from home for about 10-11 months. I just recently discovered (without his knowledge that I know) that he confided in a friend and told the person that he is bored. I read the conversation and the tone of voice he took was pretty much that he loves me (which I know he does) but that maybe things have become too comfortable for him. He stated that he was bored and that his issue is security vs. excitement. Also that we always are together. I am afraid he will drift away due to this. He may leave me at some point or cheat on me. I love him to death and want to be with him for a loooong time. I have even considered lifelong commitment, but I am too young to really contimplate it at this point. But the point is that I don't want him to be bored and desire excitement. What can I do to keep him attentive to our relationship? Keep in mind that we have little time because we both go to school full time and he is working in between. But ANY suggestion will be helpful. Please help me.

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I think you should just have an honest conversation with him. After more than a year together, we usually sense subtle changes in our partners. You probably already knew - at least subconsciously. So if you don't want to disclose the fact that you overheard the conversation, I think you're safe in discussing it anyway. In the best of cases, you will help clear the air.

I think it's also worth considering the fact that we all go through this phase. We expect our partner to "change" our lives, and make it more exciting. At some point we can become disillusioned by the fact that it's also up to us to make our own lives interesting. I don't believe love is a feeling. Being in love is. But love is about what you do for the other person. Maybe he needs to reflect on these things. They're big issues. Let me know how things work out.

Good luck.

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I totally agree with reality ;


plus why should u change he hasant spoken to you about it ;


let him atleast make the effort to bring it up with you before, you should


jump to any conclusion


Human relationships are not like maths or based on logic they consist of


emotions and mood swings ...i think personally i would wait a while and


see if he brings it up maybe you can throw him a hint on the subject and


seehow he reacts



good luck

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