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im down in the dumps today

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Hi all, thanks for reading.


its been 2 months since i split from my ex and todays been really hard for me, in fact the last 10 days have been really hard.


i though i was moving on, id met another girl and we hung out as friends, she seemed interested in me which she expressed and i thought was great. she has hung out alot with another of her male friends i got a little jealous but didnt make that fact known to her. his gran died and he has spent most of the last wwek at her place, which she moans to me about but is there for him cuz she feels sorry for him.


anyway i had lunch with her today but she seemed to have a lot on her mind so i let it pass.


later in the afternoon i ring her to find out if she was ok?

whilst chatting i mention that my mate who owes me some money would be giving me some of it back, i mention it to her and jokingly say she could have it if she needed it. she's says no, i say good jokingly.


she suddenly gets cold and says bye and puts the phone down.


i txt her to say that i was only kidding around and if she needed some money then i would lend her some, mate to mate.


she texts me back saying she's really angry and that i should give her a bit of space, heck ive only seen her for like 6 hrs in the last 2 weeks. she ends saying that she is not on the market to be brought??


im like wtf i have never had any intention of buying her or would want to!!


i texted her saying that i never had any intentions of buying her and have left it at that.


i was meant to be taking her to dinner on sunday.


she lost her mom a year ago, her ex bf died about 2 months ago, she hasnt had much sleep cuz of this bloke who stays over uninvitied but she lets him anyway, so she's really tired. and she's having problems with work and college.


i guess i should back away and give her what she wants, i like her alot but am afraid that she thinks its all rebound stuff.


some help here would be appreiciated, i miss being with some one but im trying to be strong and do the best i can out of a really cr** life at the moment.


what did i do to deserve all the pain ive been through, oh yeah thats it i'm nice and kind and caring and thoughtful and sincere and loving and honest. im 27 next month ffs and i dont need this cr** in my life!!


i need to get down the gym and work my anger and frustration out thru excercise.


sorry about my rant but i just want someone who wants me for me, and at the moment i feel im being treated as a doormat to everyone. i just wanna find an island somewhere in the south pacific to go live on with some who loves me and a broadband connection for the internet.


and im spent!!



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she has a lot to get through right now. it has to be hard for her because of her ex bfs death, maybe she's just not completely over him yet. i think you should let her know that you are her friend & you are there for her if she needs you & just leave it at that. she might just be stressed out right now & hopefully it will all get better soon. i think you should just give her the space she wants. some day you will meet someone who will love you for you. it could happen soon, or it could happen in ten years, just be yourself & don't change your ways just to get a girl.

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Hey i think you should go for it ; call her and say that if she could lend you some money


i mean GO for It if you really like her ; we as guys have to be more aggresive ,


i would go for it ; what do you have to lose and dont give her space , not yet i mean unless she was really serious about it


i think you should go see her , get her flowers go on beneded knee and apologise ;


good luck

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