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Getting closer in a relationship that was just revamped

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I recently came to terms with my homosexuality. I have also come to terms with restarting a friendship with a guy that I have been interested in since the 10th grade. (I'm in college now, first-year freshman) I want things between us to get even closer. I want him! I told him about these feelings and he has expressed a need to frist be friends and then see what happens. Well, we're friends. However things are progressing at a snail speed pace. It's hard to find the right "connections" with him. I mean we do have conversations and whatnot, but everytime we talk, I find myself drifing off thinking about us being "together. " How can I make this relationship move faster or make him mine?

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Well try to make him jealous and make him know that someone else is on your case, and make him realize that it is possible for you to be taken away from him by someone else. And if he really feels the same and wants something out of this then im sure he will jump in head first. But think about your facts before you do it.

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Thank you for the advice, but, what if that plan backfires, and I'm stuck with someone I really don't want, or worse, what if he reacts to my getting with someone else with him going out and doing the same thing? (Fighting fire with fire) I dont want confusion to exist between the two of us. I want clear and direct feelings to be expressed when they are encountered.

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