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Feeling nausea due to kissing guys

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This is due the reasons in my previous post" Why I don't Trust MEN"

see: link removed


Everytime a guy is about to kiss me which is seldom because what i when through in the past and had one with a STD, I tell me then that to don't try it and don't tell it enter there minds, I start to feel nausea and some I vomit may I repeat very single time. Thats not a lie. I go to the bathroom and vomit. It has nothing to do with bad breath, or the person's apperance. I dn't want it is but it happens.


I meet these guys any where on the bus, at college, in town, just walking home. I don't approach these guys they approach me. I have never in My life asked a guy out nor have asked for their phone # they always asked me out and asked for my phone #. Which I don't give them mine, I take their because i want the ball to be in my court 1st. If I call you that means I am interesting if not I am not interesting.

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Hey Optimistic Person.Sorry it took me so long but I couldn't find this post at first as I forgot to refresh my forum page. I did take a look at the other one and I do remember it. I'm very sure I've commented on that one, however, I am unsure of where.

O wait LOL, that was it.


Ok, I'll see what I can say for this one:


Woah..it seems that you have a complex situation, I've never heard of it before. You may need some professional advice but apart from that I think it's just like you said, this time you kissed a guy with a STD, the bad experience must've affected you greatly.


Maybe next time you get involved with a guy, you should tell him of this so he will not get discouraged and take things more slower and make you want to kiss him so much instead. I think that could help as if you want it, the chances of you gettin nausea might be slimmer, however, I'm not sure and the only way is to find out. In addition, I suggest you go guy hunting instead of being hunted. I just geta feeling that it would be slightly better if you asked out guys that you've noticed and know about more than going out with someone you might not know as well.


I'm not sure of your situation but I hoped that helped a bit. Good luck, remember what i said on that other post!


Happy Heb

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Do you think you'd feel the same way if they kissed your hand? Or your cheek? Maybe this is something you just need to work up to again, because of your bad experiences in the past you have some healing to do.


Give it some more time. There are other ways to show affection. Hugging, cuddling, running fingers through hair, back rubs etc. See if they work for you.

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