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my heart is bleeding.

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I feel as though my whole life has ended.


Me and my guy are so so happy together and love each other so much more then anything, we are both 24 last night I was chatting to him and he said that there maybe a chance we may not end up together. Before I got into this relationship I said to my self I would not think about the future but I could not help myself and I did. I set my life with him.


He knows my mum is on my case about getting married, but he still at uni and he says he will need at least 5years to sort him self out. But my family will want me to be settled by end next year,


It hurt so much when he said to me.


I wanna hold on to you will that day comes for you to leave me.(we have arranged marriages in my family) how can this be I don't know what to think or do. He too wants me for life but. I can't wait 5 years, but then I cant live with out him, I only want him.


What do I do. Cos I feel as thought my heart is bleeding.

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That hurts I feel for you humm.... I would have to say........ If you dont want to wate for him or you cant then you must move on. I know that it is hard to do but if it is need then you must do it. Do not let your famly push you in to geting merryed too quickly you are still young only 24 you have alot of time to get merried. If you rush in to it the chances of you guys braking up is higher let time take it corse. I hope that this helps you.

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Oh cid what can I say, even if I want to I cant leave him, I love him far to much for words and he feels the same.


I would wait if it was one year maybe two BUT 5 years is killer, I guess even I wanna be married by the age on 26. but to him!!!

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Hi Dream, sorry to hear your hitting problems, I know how much you love your guy.


Well, you really are caught between a rock and a hard place eh, pressure of an arranged marriage if you dont get married yourself pretty soon and the guy you want to marry wants to wait 5 years! Obvious question, does he know you will be forced into an arranged marriage if you dont marry him?


If he does know this and still wont marry you then im afraid you will not be marrying him, and maybe he dosent feel as much for you as you think as he is happy for you to go off and be forced into a marriage with another guy.


If he dosent know it THEN TELL HIM NOW! If he still dont want to marry you then the same applies, he dont love you as much as you thought.


You may have to face up to some hard reality here I think.

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Ya he does know and I know truly that he feels the same back, but his saying is that he will never let him self come in between me and my family and he will if he makes me wait 5 years.


I told him so why is he still with me knowing it may not happen it's gonna kill you when I go and his reply was


"if I new I was going to hell, and I had one chance to experience haven I will never knock it down. You're my haven and even though I know I will loose you one day, I cant let go now."


What can I say to that ha.


The thing is we not even having problems or anything like that. Life is perfect with him,

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What you're saying is so right but that's my problem I cant leave him I don't have the heart. Cos I don't want to. Im saying its ok its ok we will deal with it then. But I just don't know what to do. Love I love him so much. And don't want to louse him for anything. But it also hurts that there may not be a future.

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Not that I'm saying this is going ot hapen to you, but when that hapened to me she had a nother guy that she was wanting to go after, and was trying to get me nervice so she could make me the bad guy. It's not likley that he's doing the same thing, but just incase don't let yourself get blind sided like I did.

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