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Considering vasectomy, any opinions?

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Time is ticking away for me. I'm into my 40's now. I think I'm very likely past the dad age, but I still have a couple of reservations about getting the big snip:


- I've heard some stories about bad things happening afterwards on a permanent basis, namely extreme chronic pain and loss of proper funcionality, although I've also heard it can increase sex drive (not quite sure how, and to be honest that's the last thing I need!!)


- Although as I said I'm past new dad age, it's just the emotional situation of not having the choice in having more kids. Some claim the process is reversable, but it looks like it's not very easily reversable at all.


It somehow seems like the responsible thing to do. Having only had two partners in my life, both with alternate methods of birth control, it seems like it's my turn now.


Just interested in the thoughts of others who have had this done, and what the emotional and physical outfall was.

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vasectamy is probly not the best idea, and just to let you know 40's is NOT past the dad age I know ppl ur age w\ kids and they still have a quite a ways to raise them too. dont tell yourself 40's is to old because its not. and just a little background question, are you married or have a girlfriend? because if your not then it is an EVEN WORSE idea to have one. Besides the fact women can take the pill instead just get ur sorry b-hind to the drug store and get them. My advice is DONT get a vasectamy its just not a good choice for your situation. and one more do you have kids? because if you dont that is just one more reason on a big list that you should keep your "all-togethers". I would strongly advize agianst it. well, hope this helps.

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hey guys, 40 is not a bad age, you born with all your organs yes then die with all your organs. Do you really want that surgeoy, you don't have any kids then get some 56 yr old guys have kids and they bron normal and health and so sweet, you would feel that they can from a 25 year old guy. Do you really need that. Think more about it. and decide on what your doning to do ok. Don't do it because of any one did this for yourself that if you want to do it. Take time and make a wise decision ok

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Thanks for the responses. Being past the dad age was more an emotional state than a physical state, I realize there's no reason I couldn't have another child from that point of view.


I'm separated with three kids. My wife definitely didn't want more kids, nor does my girlfriend, who has two. And yes, there's still a lot of bringing up of the kids I do have, so I'll be busy for years with that anyway.


Thanks for your insights. They do sort of match what I was thinking. Best leave that door open for now.

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