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i dont really even know where to start, i thought i had something good with this girl and everything has been so messed up lately. i asked her out and she said she likes me but she flirts with other guys a lot and she doesnt really want a boyfriend. so after i put myself in that position to ask her out i got rejected , not only that, we dont even talk anymore i see her but she kinda ignores me. i really really liked (like) her. it feels like im gonna die i want her and i dont even know what to do . and i dont usually feel like this about any girl at all, its just different all of a sudden whats some advice

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Well, you said that she flirts with other guys, so maybe she was flirting with you, but you just didn't see it. She sounds like the type of girl who is just out to have a good time with a bunch of different guys, don't let it get to you.

Just respect what she told you, but still try to be her friend. Let her know that you are there for her when she needs you.....and who knows, maybe she will end up falling for the decent guy that you are.

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Lilman I know how you feel I am going through the same thing right now it is hard I know. The thing that I am doing is trying to move on. That is what you should do too, it is hard but we must do it. Anonymous_gal I have to say trying to be her friend is alot harder then you think, I would not sugest it becouse you will just get hurt more. (I know from experince) Well I wish you the best of luck.

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