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i'm competing against her boyfriend and anther guy


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Hi im a 20 year old guy.

Im going to shcool at interdec college in montreal, Canada.

And im interested in a girl in my class.She's 21.

My case is a little weird though.With your help i might actually work better.

I'm a guy who gets attached very easily and now that im attached to her, i can't get her out of my mind!We get along pretty well and she has a boyfriend.I haven't made any moves on her yet.

At first, she was pretty much only talking to me so i though, hey maybe i got a chance.

But now things have changed.She's now talking to another guy alot more than talking to me.

Even when we have a conversation, she just walks to the other guy and talks to him instead.

It's almost like she's actually interested in him. And she has a boyfriend!

Now this makes me alot jealous, but im keeping all of that to myself of course.

Before when she was talking to me alot more, even if i knew she had a boyfriend and i might not have a chance wih her, i felt good inside.But now.........................

I just want things to be like they were so i could feel better.

Of course i would be the happiest man in the world if i were to go out with her but hey, im not that good lookin, (tall, skinny ect..) and she's a cutie and nice

She's been with her boyfriend for 3 years now.

By the way her name's Annick and mine is Yanick...Were ment to be together!!!!, just kidding

Thats about all the facts.

Please help me out!

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to her, you're just a ordinary friend. she probably haven't much in common with you. or else there's just no chemistry. you can tell, cos she's already moved on to the next guy.


so just add her to your list of friends and move on. unless you change drastically, nothing will make a difference

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Well im not giving up on her yet.Maybe i should but i won't.I'm 20 years old and i still can't gat over a girl.It's to hard for me.


You know maybe she thinks i'm not intrested and maybe that's why she's not paying as much attention to me.Or maybe not, but for me that mean's there's still hope.I didn't even make a move yet.


Again i know what your all thinking and that's to try and move on but i'm gonna see her all year every day.I still gotta try.


It's morning now and i have a 12h shcool day ahead of me.I'll write back tonight.


Wish me luck!

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Your jealous of this new guy but not of her boyfriend?


girls like confident men, you havent even made a move or told her how you feel about her, I bet her B/F got her that way, and the new guy has told her how he likes her. guess what some gals like to be wanted!!! you havent given her that, so why should she want to hang with someone that doesnt compliment her or show interest.


By the way, why do you attach so easily? why do you attach yourself to girls that already have Boyfriends, dude, your gonna get hurt alot with that habit.

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Yah i geuss i have to make a move on her then.tomorrow's drawing class and im sitting right beside her so i think im gonna make a goal for tomorrow and, i dunno, make some sweet talking or something.I hope i can do this man, all of my exes or almost were machted to me so flirting is not my best quality, but what the hey.


and by the way, i got attaced before i knew she even had a boyfriend.


wish me luck!

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