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I slept with Ex now I am really confused!

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I had been broken up with my ex for a while and started dating another gir shortly after. I still had feelings for my ex and it was wrong I know. Recently I posted on how to tel my current girl that I cannot move forward b/c of my confusion, Thanks for the advice by the way. Anyway I still have not had the courage to do so, but I have been distancing myself. My ex surprisingly called me Tuesday night, she had wanted to bring by a few more items she had of mine, I delightedly agree. When she walked through the door, I grew so weak, she looked so good and I realized how much I missed her and truly cared. We talked and one thing led to the next, soon we were going at it like crazy. Guys, I have never felt so overwhelmed with emotion. We have always had an incredible chemistry and it was so wonderful. I lied to her and told her I was not seeing my current girl, but I still am. Now what do I do? I am afraid I may lose her forever if she found out. We are to go out for dinner Friday, and I still have not madea move to break it off, I am scared she will contact my ex or something if she finds out we are together again. Any Advice?

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I think that you face the music and tell your current girl that you want to be back with your ex. Explain her your feelings. I know that you don't want to hurt her but she deserves to hear the truth. Distancing yourself from her or maybe making up excuses not to see her will only make your problem worse. Don't let her hang on with false hopes....


Good luck!

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You need to tell your current girl that you still have feelings for your ex before this gets any worse for her than it already is. Its not fair to her and you know that! You know tell her that you like her a lot but youre just not ready to commit yourself to another person. She will respect you for that and will probably thank you. Tell her you would still like to hang out just as much, but with no emotions for now. This way you can figure things out with the ex. What do you want from your ex? What does she want from you? She may just have been vulnerable that night after not seeing you for a while. Maybe she just wanted to feel loved again or perhaps she just wanted to see if you still have feelings for her!! She may want you back, or she could think you are the weakest guy in the world and thus having you right where she wants you. Ex's do this to boost their ego and self esteem. They like to think they have their ex's wrapped around their finger. I doubt this is the case, but with ex's you have to have all angles covered. TRUST ME!! Who knows maybe your ex has missed you so much that she wants to work things out at dinner. Or perhaps she only suggested dinner to break the ice after making love to you. She may cut all contact with you after she realizes what happened. I know this probably isnt what you were asking for but I am just trying to give you example of what could happen because I was once in your exact same situation. I think we have all been there more than once . I truly hope the best for you but I would like you to tell me what is it that you from your ex? Do you want her back? If so, do you believe the problems that led up to breakup can be resolved? Often times people forget the arguments and disagreements that led to the split of their relationships and end up worse off then they were.


Sometimes we try so hard to keep the flame lit but the wind blows so hard that we have to move on to escape the pain and heal the heart.

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