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Stuff for our cars

Practical stuff that we will never buy for ourselves - like wallets, key chains, calendars, etc.

Flowers - I had a girl send me a single red rose once. Its the only time anyone ever sent me flowers and I still remember it. Sounds sappy but I loved it.

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I got a guy one of those tiny remote control cars as a little gift to go with his christmas present last year and he totally ignored the big gift and spent all day messing on with the toy car. so thats an idea n it must b good for any age coz this guy wasnt young . But he's my ex now n small things please small minds.. Another winner one year was a calendar of caprice which was his favourite model. This guy also liked pranks so i got him silly things like.. a willy weight which was really a shampoo container in the shape of a dumbell, and he got a giant condom from a jokeshop which he found amusing. They have silly things in anne summers like a book of cheques with different sexual favours on them u write out to your lover... my friend got on of them for her bloke last valentines day. Or again if its for your bf surprise sexy undies.


Depends how much u want to spend really..hmm, I also got him a day on a race track driving a rally car n he loved that too, so if he likes cars thats another winner and when i went along with him they give me ago too which was fun. Is he into any sports or particular interests? could get him a gadget, or if u want to splash out a playstation or new game if he already has one. If he's romantic go on a mini break somewhere..or really romantic go to Paris or his favourite place abroad, or could go to see an exciting sight something like the northern lights u can say you've experienced together. Again if he'd like that sort of thing get him a teddy. Another present that went down well once was a giant cookie with a personalised message on it in chocolate,although i ended uo eating alot of it . Or a chain or ring again u could have a message put on it to make it more personal.ok getting out of ideas now

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football hhmmm could get him a season ticket if ur feeling flush . new strip, video of greatest goals for whoever he supports or a simple football. Watch the match and surprise him with your football knowledge, even if your not a fan it would give him a giggle if u get facts wrong. U could have your name on the back of the shirt instead of a players name..but only u know if he'd think that was sweet or insane. little things are hard to think ov.. a compilation tape of favourite songs or with your voice on but its so cliche bet you've already thought of that one. I'm bound to think of something later when i stop rackin my brain if i think of a good one i'll get back to ya.


With him being so far away u could send him a dvd with your letter sayin u though he could watch with u that night n u hav a copy(out the video shop) n giv him a call n watch it together, or is that too sad? erm could send him something reminding him of how you met or what you've done together with plenty of photo's. Keep him laughin sending him some jokes or silly emails. could have a message put out on his local radio station(done that one b4 and it went down well), or on things like MTV when they have txts on the screen or in a magazine. Im out of ideas for now i see why ur askin for ideas its hard to think of little things

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Useful or childishly entertaining is how any guys mind works. Some guys like the sappy, but yours doesn't seem to be one of those. For myself, tools or some simple little toy works. I have a strange obsession this tigger, so that would probably work the best… why did I say that… no one here cares what I would prefer.

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