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Dear God, life scares me


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I am rather young, and I haven't had sex yet. I want to, and I know I'd be somewhat comfortable with it, cause I made out with a girl three days ago. It just scares the crap out of me, I mean, there are so many risks out there and girls cheating on guys, guys cheating on girls....



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Lol…An answer to your question


Ya there are.


You just have to look for that someone special. Don't rush into anything trust me your first time is the one which stays with you for ever, and in the future you want to remember it by it being the most special one ever and have good memories about it.


As for people in them self, well like said I have said to find the right person. Your gonna go through life find all these wrong people but iv always taken it as god is preparing us for the Mr./miss right. If you don't do wrong by them they won't do wrong by you.

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i know that you said you were fairly young so first i want to tell you to make sure that when you do have sex that it is something you want to do and that you are not just doing because you think that is what you are supposed to do, also please please please make sure it is somebody worth your time. you dont want to look back on your first time with regret. trust me i started having sex when i was 14 with a 23 yr old man, needless to say i regret it with every fiber of my being but oh well. also i work with stds and hiv/aids so i understand the concern about risks out there and when you do decide to have sex please protect yourself because unfortunately there are people in the world who do not care about themselves thereforeeee they could careless about you. so you care enough for yourself to protect yourself. i am not sure how much of a concern this is for you or how young you are but there is a prevention hotline you can call 800-234-8336, or there is an std/hiv hotline 800-227-8922, or you can go on the web to link removed. i wish you the best and remember make sure it is right. and you will know because you will feel happy and content you will not feel pushed into it.

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Hey Starfox. Lol, yea it is a concern for everyone hey. I mean we all can say we're not going to cheat on anyone but the truth is it happens a lot, and you could even do it without knowing exactly why. I don't think its about wether they're decent or not, we all know its wrong but at the time, I guess things just get to you.


Why worry about it, is your worrying going to make a difference? Just find someone that you really love and love them so much and hope and know that they'll never cheat on you. Coz that has got to be one of the most ultimate deceptions ever...


Just remember, people who cheat on others get caught, and the truth is revealed sooner or later. Just worry about how you'll deal with it if it you cheat on someone else or someone else cheats on you. I know you're probably saying you ain't going to do it, but under different circumstances, we all think differently.


Happy Heb

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Just like to chuck in my alternative viewpoint, I dont know whether its a guy thing (i notice the other replys are from girls I think), but for me personally it was no big deal, and the same goes for most guys I know.


For what its worth I would say if you like a girl then go for it, dont worry being in love with her and dont worry about looking back on it in the future and thinking how you wasted your cherry, if your like most guys it wont bother you, just make sure you like her (and she likes you!), she aint a slapper and you cover mr lover!


Jump on the band wagon and you wont look back, believe me.


Good luck.

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Ok, all of you except shy guy-j/k really helped me out a lot. I mean I know that I should do it when I'm ready, and I came close with that one particular girl, it's just that I knew the whole time if I did have sex with her, I would regret it.


And I know about the whole cheatin bit, and we say we won't, but we do it anyway. It just scares me that I'll get an STD because my girlfriend decides she wants to bone the neighbor or something. I don't care about the act, I just don't wanna die for it.


"can't always get what you want"...well then, what do you do when your tired of waiting for someone to come along? Get a gun and shoot yourself? Is that a logical way to end things? I thought so for a while.

Now I just don't know. Continued feedback would be graciously appreciated!!!!


Thanks you all!


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