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Its been almost a year since i started speaking to my internet partner. He would have to be one of the kindest and most understanding people i know, and can never bear to feel that im upset. I really really like him but im not sure if its love although there is a big possibility, but he says he loves me and i think i believe him. The problem is he has had a very strict religious upbringing,and basically doesnt have fun...his life is literally work home and uni..he doesnt really believe in fun and even considers going to the movies once in a while as being wrong. Im not exactly miss outgoing myself but im not sure if i could put up with being so "boring" if u like but he means a lot to me and i would be devastated to loose him. What do you guys think??

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It seems to me, that the relationship your enjoying now is the only one you will enjoy, because right now you are free to have fun.


You do have something to worry about, if you planning to someday be with this man, and marry him. one thing is to have interesting conversation over the net, its another to live under his expectations of what is right and wrong.


Im sure you have adapted yourself already, let me ask you this, how many times have you wanted to talk about certain subjects and found yourself censoring yourself? think about that.


I am not saying his lifestyle is wrong, but is it the kind you want? you cannot make him or even ask him to change, this is who he is period.


you have the right to be happy and should never make a sacrifice like this because you will be unhappy later, and that will only lead to problems.


this man thinks that even going to the movies is wrong, my goodness if he knew what I was chatting with the girl Im interested in, about what id like to do to her at the movies he would faint.


so , think about this real good before making the next step.

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thanks a lot for your reply i really appreciate it...but i feel very strongly about this guy its hard to explain...like i too come from a pretty religious family but not to that extent and like you said im worried that it might cause problems and im not sure if he would be willing to compromise..

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I agree with Gilgamesh.... if you are bored already, think how bored you'll be after a few years, or 10 years. I've been with people that I cared about a LOT and thought I loved, and that I thought were the right type for me, but they were boring as heck and it finally drove me stir crazy to not do anything or go anywhere. It'll do the same to you... especially if you're already having doubts. Don't ignore that red flag!!!! Life is too short to be bored...it's sweet, drink it up!



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