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Does he like me... or doesn't he?? (help needed)

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Well I like this one guy. He and I are pretty cool but not too close or anything. We don't usually talk much but I told him I like him. He told a few of my friends that he only likes me as a friend. But I get the feeling that he does like me back. Ever since I told him, his attitude has changed towards me and he seems really eager to get my attention. He looks at me a lot more and I just get that feeling if you know what I mean. Anyways, I was talking to him tonight and I was talking about buying a snowboard. He works at one of the two local ski resorts and is just learning to snowboard. He told me to go and get a board so we could go out boarding together. I told him I was gonna get a job at the other ski resort (not the one he works at) and he said I should get a job with him. Then I said that I'm gonna work at the other resort with my friend. He said ok but that I have to get a pass at his resort so we can board together. I don't know if it's just me but it really seems like he likes me as more than a friend considering he never said anything about doing stuff together before... Any ideas would be awesome! What do u guys think about all this?? ~Skittles~

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Yo skittles

Well obviously this guy likes you as a friend. As for anything further (funny word hah) i dont know. But i would say go with him and have fun, if he likes you, he likes you. Just let one thing kinda lead to another (and let the party begiiiiiin...). Just make sure you go boarding with him. In fact i order you to go.

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Hey skittles_109!


I agree with TheShyGuy; he do wants you as a friend. That is a great beginning. Feelings can grow and become stronger, and you might become more than friends . I really recommend you to be with him, you know, hang out together (as friends), and all that kind of stuff. If you are lucky, it will happen!


Good Luck


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Hi Skittles_109, I'm Happy Heb First up, I'd like to welcome you to enotalone on behalf of everyone. I'm sure u've taken a nice step towards finding support and advice from many people of various ages from around the world which will be around for a while.


Hmm I understand your situation slightly and you should feel great that you let him know how you feel, it's often the hardest step...and you've managed to take that.


Right now I only see three big circumstances

1: He doesn't want to be anything more like he said

He could want to get to know you better first, some people take relationsihps more seriously than the rest and doesn't want to get involved in one unless they know its going to work (or so they think). Or he could have separated from someone recently or been hurt before (thereforeeee being scared now).


2: He doesn't want to be anything more but doesn't want to loose you. This is a real jerky attitute and its like he doesn't want to be with you but he loves the attention and knows that you'll say nice things about him to your friends and perhaps that'll gain more.


3 is starting to fall for you... A lot of times, after asking someone out, people realise things and change their minds. Maybe he has.


I hope that helps.

See you again soon.


Happy Heb

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