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Losing My Mind? Help...


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This has haapen to me before, its acctually just lust....you see a guy thats cute and you like to look at that is normal...if you are really into him and you both feel a vibe maybe its fate and you are meant to be together. If you really love your boyfriend then you love him and it is normal to think and look at men

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thank you for your reply, it feels good to get this off my chest as I can't talk to anyone I know.. I've tried to rationalize, to tell myself it's gotta be just lust or whatever but it doesn't make anything better or clearer.


I've just never been one to fantasize about guys I don't know, like actors or models, etc. I have to know someone at least a little before I've ever actually ben attracted to them in the past, I feel like such an idiot, that I can't get this guy out of my head & it's so extreme. It's just so not like me.


I've even tried spending more time with my boyfriend & reminding myself that I love him & he's so good to me & all & nothing is working, maybe I'll feel better tomorrow now that I've vented, I hope so...

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Well, it's not always what you know about someone that makes you like them, there is much more to attraction then that. It has been proven many times that people find other people attractive on a genetic level, even without speaking to a person its possible to find someone attractive just because your genetics are in sync. You cant stop it or control it, all you can do is manage the situation as best you can.


If you feel something may happen then you must be very strong. What would you do if this guy came on to you, could you stop yourself? You should plan now how you will handle this if it happens, and stick to it if it does kick off. remember your boyfriend and what you feel for him and how devestated he would be if firstly he found your feelings for this other guy and secondly if you actually acted on those feelings.


Good luck, but it may take more than that!

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