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My bestfriend is trying to live through me!!

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Hi! Well, I have a bit of a problem. My friend is trying to live through me. I didn't realize it was a real problem until I noticed that she would try to hook me up with the guys that she knew. And even liked. It got really bad this year when, at school, there was a guy that I liked. She didn't know him personally, just who he was. So the guy and I begin to develope somewhat of a relationship(friend wise). It was all okay. Then when the guy and I would argue, or when he would hurt my feelings, she would defend him. It seemed off and I didn't know why she would do that. Then she began talking to him about me and such whenever she would see him. She even talked to him about a date we went on. Saying that I had the most amazing time, and stuff...when really I didn't. And she knew that. It seems as if she is trying to control my life. I need help! She is my bestfriend and I love her....but I mean enough is enough. When I confronted her about it awhile ago, we just ended up fighting and nothing got solved. Another thing, I'm bestfriends with her little sister too and she has out and out told me that she is trying to replace her. Which is a bit much. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey Ash55!

I really think that you should talk to her, but in another way. When I want to tell that something about someone disgusts me, I try no to go exactly to that point, you know, to avoid it to be like a cold slap in the face. Remember that you don't want to start a fight, just tell her that her behaviour isn't really good.


Sometimes, friends can turn into that. I haven't got an explanation for that. Maybe she just wants to help you, but does it the wrong way. Her intentions are probably good, she just doesn't know that she isn't doing something you don't like.

That's my 2 cents!

Good Luck!


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