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She left me for business school!

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Ok, I know this is going to sound pitful!


I started dating this girl about 6 1/2 years ago, we were definitely differnt types of people but like that famous saying "Opposites attract",well that was us! We came from different backgrounds, but somehow we ended up teaching each other things that made everything interesting. About 2 years ago we decided to live together, I moved accross the country for work and she moved 6 months later to come live with me. The first year and a half was great, some problems but nothing we couldn't discuss and resolve.


The past year during this time she was confused about the direction of her life so I suggested for her to get her MBA. Now she's left 3 months and we were in contact up until 2 weeks ago. Where she left a message on my voicemail that said she need space to think and we would talk agian in the future.


I don't think this is fair but I have to respect her wishes. But it's extremely hurtful and painful. Any advice out there???

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I'm sorry to hear she's left you hanging after all this time together. What I'd like to point out to you, for your own benefit, is that she left this extremely important message for you on your voicemail. Very efficient, but also cowardly and cold. Hmm...isn't that what they teach in business school? Do you want to share your life with this kind of woman? I have an MBA from a very competitive school and I think I understand your woman. I have seen many relationships end in business school when one party does not meet the objectives of another. I think you need to realize that the woman you once "knew" no longer exists, and efficiently throw her out like a used textbook.

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Hi, I just joined today. I was reading your message, and I can relate to your situation. I dated someone for 7 years. He was separated but not divorced when we met. After the divorce, we bought a house together and lived together for 3 years. During this time, he finished college, and I helped him a lot with his work and supported him 24/7. After he finished college he got a job offer in another state and he took it. We talked about me moving to this state, but I would not unless we were married. He wasn't ready for that. So, we keep in touch for about 6 months. He has been gone now for 2-1/2 years and he has finished his MBA. I was devastated to say the least, and I still think about him. I know he is moving back to this state, because he has kids here. I have to check myself and not call him, but what do you do when you still care for someone, even if they left you?

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