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I found this the other night. I wrote it a couple years ago, and was just thinking I would ask what everyone thinks. I think its a little elementry.


Five letters alone

at the end of a line

have changed how I think

of the passage of time.


Best friends allways

and forever it said.

I made a mistake

now our friendship is dead.


Forever's forever,

but not this time.

I made a mistake,

this mistake is all mine.


I know that I've hurt you,

I've shead severial tears.

the last time you called,

it's been severial years.


I can't help but think

where would we be?

would our friendship have blosimed

if it wasn't for me?

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i really like it, i can relate its like one of those times where you make a split second judgement which is taken out of hand and have then forth never had the chance to actually take the chance to apologise for the action.


well maybe im wrong there, if this it factual then i feel if youve got the number then ring it, and if you want to know could it have blossomed then it could well have but its still could blossom.


just hope thatb people dont bare grudges for a mistake obviously that you take the blame for.

rekindle the friendship and egt yourself back in their life, well thats what i would do or at least try.


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