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Sending the right thing

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Hi guys,


Here a question for the guys,


If your gal lived two hours away and she wanted to send you something over the post, what kind of things would you like sent, which will make you happy?


Here a question for the gals.


Has any of you sent something to your man by post and has made them well happy? Can you give me some ideas please?

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Depends on the kind of relationship you have, if he's a bit of a soppy guy (thats not a bad thing by the way) then send him a piece of clothing that smells of you or something he knows you really like thats personal to you.


If he's not the soppy sort then he'd proberbly like something a bit more practical, if he has a playstation or something send him a game he wants, or some guy gadget that you know he likes.

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Hmm i would like something like ;


a sweater or a sweatshirt of hers with her perfume on it ; iwould keep it in my cupboard .so that whenever i would open it i would get her perfume


hmm id also like a hmm something else like ..maybe her pillow so that i could hug it and go to sleep


of course she could mail herself that would be the best

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One of my ex's had went away on a trip for 6 weeks, about 3 years ago, and she sent me some sexy pictures of herself. They were not nude or anything. They were of her in a towel after a shower or in a bathing suit, ect.


He willl like that. If you dont mind taking the pictures.

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I'm kind of a sap, so anything my girl sent me made me feel like I was king of the world, so if it were me it really wouldn't mater that much. I agree with the other guys though. Anything with your sent would drive him crazy even if he doesn't realize it.


Just of an example, I had my girl over one time, and some of her personals were lost behind the most uncomfortable chair in my apartment, and I kept finding myself sitting in the "chair of torture." All week and didn't know why I keep exposing my back to that kind of pain, I found out why once I moved the chair to clean. Apparently people can smell better then we give ourselves credit for.

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