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What topics girls like to talk about?

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I need a little help, I'm getting to know a girl I like, the shy one, and she is starting to open up and talk to me when I go to her locker. I was wondering if some of you could give a few suggestions as to what topics girls like to talk about. She is into volleyball and violin. and talks about volleyball a lot, but the season is coming to a close next week.

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I'm not sure if she likes me or not, she is shy, when she is in a group of people even 3 or 4 she jsut stands there and says very little but just watches what they are talking about. The problem is she is a sophmore and I am a junior in high school, so our schedules really don't work out that well. I only get a few chances during the day to talk to her when she is by herself, but that is usually between classes when she is in a hurry, the other time is in the morning when she gets to school, but right after she puts her stuff away, and goes to listen to people talk, and I don't want to pull her out of her group. When I go up to her locker, and say hi, she usually gets a big smile and lights up when I ask her how she is doing or how her volleyball games are going. and seems to want to talk, but we never get enough time. She is extremely, genuinely, nice whenever I do get to talk to her. I just don't know if I would be an annoyance if I start talking to her while she is in her group, cause she is usually on the outside, and looking around at people walking around in the hall, and I don't know any of the girls in the group b/c they are a grade lower than me. Her cousin said I am the first guy she knows of to like her, and her friend, so that made her happy. She used to sign online about once every 3 weeks to a month, now she signs on almost everyday since I started talking to her. She says a lot online when I am talking to her. She has a volleyball game tomorrow at an away school and her cousin told me to go to it, but I have no one to go with, and if she sees me alone, I don't want her to think of me as being stalkerish. I was wondering if she is showing interest by signing on more, and stopping what shes doing when I talk to her, b/c she used to keep going through her locker when I'd talk to her. I just need some people's opinions please.

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okay she likes you definitely;



the thing to do would be to get to talk to her on the phone, besides being online


hmm i would take her out to that volleyball game , but u must be sure how comfortable she would be going out , in a boys company


see shy people are generall in a shell they take time to come out of it so i would say hang in there , but keep the interest going


g luck

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omg, ur story is exactly how me and my friend are...okay heres my story...im a sophmore and my friend...who by the way i kinda like..but still not sure, is a junior...i am very shy, but when i am comfortable, im really outgoing..and he is hilarious and makes me laugh all the time, and i do feel comfortable with him, but just like u and this girl, our scheduals dont mesh well..so the only times we do ever talk is online(which is a lot, cause im always online, and usually during the weekends, we stay up til 3 sometimes talking) and in the hallways..but i too am rushing to go to my classes..i've known him since last year...kinda, see this is how we met..i went to some school, and my friend went to his school, and she kinda had a crush on him, but wasnt really sure, so one day..there was a football game, and we went..and thats when i met him..although, i didnt pay much attention to him, that was when i met him...and i tried to help my friend out so that he can ask her out or something by talking to him online...i got his sn by her..and so we got to talking, and he did really like her but there were things that he didnt like...so time flew, and lets say its almost the end of the schoolyear(reminding u this was last year, when i was a freshman)we start talking more and more, not about my friend, but just normal stuff now, because he didnt like her anymore, and she already got over him, and was dating someone else...also, by that time, i was going to transfer to her school, because my school just sucked ass.. but anyway,so ive known him for maybe about a year, but thats when we first met...and i know he likes me cause i can just tell, but im not quite sure..so the advice i can give u, because his personality sure is making me fall for him is that, be who u r, make jokes...girls love to laugh, make her feel comfortable...and maybe ask her out...or just to hang out one time..my guy, he always wants to hang out, cause he can drive, but im still scared, so i always say im busy, but im not..but then at the same time i really do wanna go out with him but im just scared ..but anyway, this past 2 weeks, he asked me to homecoming, and i said yes, and thats probably what u should do...ask her to homecoming, then go hang out more after homecoming, i know after my homecoming, we're going to go watch a movie with his friends and then hes gonna drop me off at my friend's house where im spending the night...so thats a good step..woah this is long, but i also wanted to tell u how ur story is such a coincidence with my story...and i thought it was just weird and also wanted to tell u, that ur def not the only person who is having these kinda of problems

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I went to her volleyball game, and it turns out that I was the only student from our school there, the rest were about 15 parents, so I'm sure that made her feel good. I just am wondering what she would have thought about that, b/c I am not sure if she likes me or not, but after the game, I called her name, and she just turned and smiled, and I told her "You did a great job out there!" and she just smiled and said "Thanks!"

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